Imperium Quaestor - Open to applications


Imperium Quaestor - Open to applications

Citizens & Friends of the Imperial Clan,

It's my unfortunate duty to announce that earlier today Mako let us know that he needed to resign due to personal reasons. While it's unfortunate that we have lost a strong member from the summit team, I do thank Mako for the chance he gave Imperium and hope to see him return to the team in the future.

That said, applications for the position of Quaestor of House Imperium are now open DB-wide. Applications should be e-mailed to Elincia Rei, Mune Cinteroph-Palpatine, & myself - and make sure to include all three or your application won't be considered. A PDF, MS Word, or e-mail text box application will be accepted. Do not send a GDoc link; it won’t be opened. It is heavily suggested you do some homework on what you're getting into, reach out to the Imperium membership, the current leaders, and the clan summit even - ask questions and lots of them. I, likewise, recommend making sure you have a quality app that stands out: get it proofed, hit all the points, and add some of your own flavor - a simple email or comment saying "Hi, can I haz?" is not enough. :D

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What does the position entail?

You can find out the role and expectations of Quaestor on the wiki, here. Additionally, take a look at our "what we are looking for in competitive candidates" section, found below.

Application Requirements:
  • Why are you a fit for this position?
  • State of the House (Strengths & Weaknesses analysis)
  • Your leadership philosophy
  • Plans for the house membership (How to get them involved, activity and input-wise)
  • Plans for the house fictionally
What we are looking for in competitive candidates:
  • Must be an active member
  • Must maintain a good turnaround time on communications (email, Telegram, etc.) with a regular 24-hour response time
  • Must be willing to promote activity, membership engagement, fictional development, and open lines of communication
  • Must produce competitions, fictional updates, and be comfortable with updating the Wiki page
  • Must set a good example for the membership
  • No minimum rank requirement
Things considered an asset:
  • Shadow Academy Leadership coursework passed (or the MVL completed)
  • An understanding of Markdown (the SA has a course for this too)
  • Any additional credentials that support your DJB side of the application
  • Any up front questions you may have
Due date

All apps are due by Sunday, 25 March 2018. However, we reserved the right to make an early selection if the ideal candidate is found.

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Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the material above, please contact me directly at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

For the Empire,
SBL Raiju Kang
Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

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