MAA Magistrates + Novitiates


MAA Magistrates + Novitiates

Hi Everyone!

1) Applications to be a MAA Magistrate are due to Howie and myself by 1 September 2015. Minimum rank of JM-3, maximum rank of EL-2. The goal is to learn and gain experience. We've received solid applications thus far; hoping for more!

2) James has helped initiate a new rank tier into our structure: Novitiate. This change is administrative and primarily affects Wiki articles and email wording. See the great image below courtesy of Ood:


This brings balance to ranks as there are four NV ranks, four JM ranks, four EQ ranks, and four (counting GM) EL ranks.

Again, nothing changes to ranks themselves; just a structure shift.

Thanks everyone! Apply for Magistrate positions!

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