Tarentum Closure


Tarentum Closure

Brotherhood members,

On 16 December, 2017, I notified the club of my decision to close Clan Tarentum. This decision was not taken lightly, and while It caused some dismay - it was the right thing for the health and overall longevity of our club.

Consul Bloodfyre (in consultation with other Heirs of Tarentum) has awarded the following members with clan titles:

As of now, Clan Tarentum is closed. The closure is accompanied by the following decisions.

  1. All members of Clan Tarentum (and its sub-houses) have been moved to the rogues.

  2. All members in leadership positions have been resigned from them.

  3. All of Clan Tarentum’s sub-units have been set as inactive.

  4. All Tarentum warbanners will be removed from the Herald’s warbanner options and will not be available for future warbanners.

  5. The Tarentum ring with possessions can no longer be purchased.

  6. All Tarentum Possessions and the Tarentum credit account are frozen and will remain in an inactive state until otherwise decided.

If any members notice any dossier or position errors, please email the Master at Arms staff, and they will see what they can do.

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