Rebels Rundown - Season 1 Finale


Rebels Rundown - Season 1 Finale

Hello Star Wars fans of the DB!

In case you missed it, the season finale of Star Wars Rebels aired on DisneyXD this past Monday (in the US, at least). "Fire Across the Galaxy" was a big episode with several major spoiler moments that effect future Star Wars canon in this Episode 3 to 4 era.

Check out our Rebels Rundown Discourse topic to start diving into things. If you need to catch up, episodes can be streamed via DisneyXD so long as you are subscribed to that channel via cable. Otherwise, I expect the show to appear on Netflix/Blu-Ray sometime this summer.

Season 2 has already been confirmed for Fall 2015 with more episodes than the first season (which had 16).

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