Character Snapshot (Seer Nihlus Vexrii)

Character Snapshot for Nihlus Vexrii (06/27/2020, Homefront)

Battlelord Nihlus Vexrii

Equite, Unaffiliated
Male Umbaran, Sith, Techweaver
Height: 1.92 m / 6'4" - Weight: 88.2 kg / 194 lbs
Age: 36 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

A tall Umbaran cyborg male who stands at six and a half feet with a perfectly smooth complexion, like most of his species Nihlus' frame is lithe. His skin is a bright pale color, with Vexrii's face and body both devoid of any hair. He has sunken eye-sockets and brows cracked with heavy usage of Sith Alchemy, eyes a set of obsidian pupils conquered by crimson-red irises.

The lower half of his jaw has been separated by lightsaber, necessitating an uncomfortable cybernetic apparatus to breath and speak. Extensive cybernetics have also been integrated into Nihlus' body, with the entire upper left portion of his chest and left arm cybernetic as well.

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Loadout: Sith Alchemist (Snapshot)
My Destiny... Is My Own. (General Aspect)

Some have the belief that the Force is the guiding principle in the galaxy, a power that creates and changes people's destinies based on their standing and actions taken. Nihlus goes against this grain. This Umbaran does not conform to any norms, whether they be social, procedural, technical, or cultural, instead having formed the belief that he alone controls and forges his own destiny.

This freedom allows Nihlus to make choices, moral or otherwise, that others may find hard and not be held back by the notion that the Force does not will him so and therefore he cannot or will fail in his endeavors. Unfortunately, this belief system also forces the Sith to take more risks, sometimes putting himself or others in danger needlessly.

I Fancy Myself More Of A Sculptor (General Aspect)

Nihlus has worked tirelessly to attain the knowledge of Sith architects, sculptors, and engineers of all types to learn the best design and build practices that the dark side has to offer. He has emerged through this struggle with knowledge that drives the Umbaran constantly to modify and upgrade existing items - while pushing for the research and development of new-age Sith technologies.

Vexrii's pursuit of becoming a master of Sith engineering and sculpting within the Brotherhood has further soured and eroded his relationships with those around him. This forces him to conduct much of his work in the shadows and out of the spotlight, which in turn drives him to partially resent the nature of his work.

We'll Build A Wall, It'll Be Impenetrable (Personality Aspect)

Nihlus' personality can only be described as icy, disciplined, and steel-like in his demeanor and interactions with others. He has built a hardened wall around his softer emotions. Vexrii is incredibly stubborn, believing his solution or answer to be the valid avenue of pursuit; with no room for errors or miscalculations on the part of others. He is ruthless in his tactics, devoid of mercy, and does not laugh.

The Sith is normally quiet, with conversations short and to the point; preferring to leave no room for interpretation of his words. He also has no qualms about using torture to accomplish his goals. These traits have served Nihlus well at protecting his mental state, but have left him known widely as someone downright dangerous to be around - no matter who you are.

Alchemy? Yas Plz! (Personality Aspect)

During his time at the Holocron Center and Shadow Academy, Nihlus was exposed to a myriad of Sith knowledge. This led him to form a deep obsession with the teachings of Ancient Sith Magic, Sith Alchemy and Mechu-Deru as a skill to be mastered and learned, although he does not adhere to the Sith ways.

Vexrii's obsession runs particularly deep with imbuing these Ancient Sith powers into technology, and can often be found conducting research or tinkering with technical processes most would find unnatural and unnerving - leading to people to steer clear of this alchemist altogether.

A Destructive Power (Combat Aspect)

Nihlus Vexrii is unconcerned with collateral damage, rules of engagement, or the politics of the battle. He is coldly detached from those around him - even during times of high stress or combat. He shows little to no external emotion, instead allowing them to boil beneath the skin and fuel his powers.

Vexrii makes use of the Force in creative ways, mixing his abilities with Telekinesis and Mechu-Deru to bend technology to his will or outright destroy it. With no qualms about ending the life of a lesser being who has crossed him, very few enemies are spared Nihus' blade and even fewer allies feel comfortable fighting under him for fear of becoming expendable to this cyborg.

Ferocious Saberist (Combat Aspect)

Nihlus utilizes his mastery knowledge of the Djem-So lightsaber form in unorthodox ways, utilizing his ambidextrous hands to take full advantage of his lightsaber as his primary form of combat. This Umbaran seeks to dominate and overwhelm his opponent through striking from wide, odd angles and deceptive stances, using his weapon to his advantage and ignoring standardized lightsaber combat sequences.

With the incorporation of the Juyo lightsaber form into his primary fighting style Vexrii's movements have become not only more aggressive and unpredictable, but relentless as well - his mind surrendering to battle . This unpredictability prevents Nihlus Vexrii from knowing where his body may take him, seriously diminishing his ability to form a defensive strategy against a Jedi opponent.

Skill Feats
'Two Hands' Poison Weapons Beast Of Burden
Force Feats
Force Drain Mechu-deru II Quey'tek Meditation Hexing II Plasma Lock
General Feats
Umbaran: Devil's Dance Order Feat: Sith Umbaran: Paint It Black
  • Basic
  • Umbaran
  • ur-Kittât
  • Advanced Research On Kyber Crystal Technology
  • Droid Engineering & Design
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Sith Alchemy Rites & Technical Processes
  • Sith Engineering & Design
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form V (Djem So)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form VII (Juyo)