Eminent Kerwin Drake

Eminent Kerwin Drake

Elder, Unaffiliated
Male Devaronian, Mercenary, Scavenger
Height: 2.03 m / 6'8" - Weight: 136.08 kg / 300 lbs
Age: 37 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Kerwin's tall and towering figure is supported by tree-trunk like legs, broad shoulders, and an athletic frame packed with corded, knotted muscle. His remaining organic arm matches the rest of his body, but his left has been replaced at the shoulder by a lean and slender cybernetic limb that disrupts his otherwise symmetrical upper body. His light green skin differentiates him from the more common Devaronian, but he has the same pair of pointed horns, razor-like teeth, and amber hued eyes associated with his species. He lacks any hair on his head, but has grown out a full, bushy black beard that falls down to his chest.

Loadout: Battle
Loyalty Is Earned, Not Bought (General Aspect)

While Kerwin Drake will see a job through to its conclusion and put forward his best effort, it’s still just a job. Kerwin Drake's true loyalties lie to his friends, and through thick and thin,he will stand by them and die for them if needed. This loyalty is reserved for those who have earned Kerwin Drake's trust, putting him at odds with other Mercenaries that are only doing a job for the money. This also makes it harder for employers to trust his motives, often times creating extra competition and difficulty finding work. None of it matters to Kerwin Drake, though, because loyalty to his friends is not something credits can buy.

Price of War (General Aspect)

Kerwin lost his organic arm during a duel with one of the Brotherhood's Jedi. Kerwin never got the name of the Jedi, as their body was blown away by an explosive mine that left their remains unidentifiable, but he nonetheless blames the Jedi for his need to have a cybernetic arm. This is how Kerwin was forced to join up with the Technocratic Guild. While the Jedi claimed to just be fighting to preserve peace, and for his comrade's place in the Galaxy, Kerwin has doubled down on his focus on helping rid the Galaxy of Force Users, especially those claiming to be Jedi.

Walk The Walk (Personality Aspect)

Kerwin Drake is usually quite reserved and quiet, only speaking when he feels he has something to add. He doesn't waste time with boasts or brags and whatever he says he will do, he will follow it up with action. Paired with his steady, even demeanor, Kerwin Drake can get easily impatient with fellow Technocrat's that like to talk too much and take little action, putting him at odds with many of the soldiers he fights along side.

For My Family, And Others (Personality Aspect)

Kerwin Drake doesn't just fight for himself. He fights for his two children, who lost their mother as a casualty of the Dark Brotherhood's internal strife. She was an officer on one of the Iron Navy ships that was taken down by a Lotus Strike team. Beyond his children, Den and Ira (twins), Drake knows that the other members of The Collective also have families they fight for to. This helps bolster his belief in Rath Oligard's mission, making him a loyal member of both the Technocratic Guild and The Collective. This same sense of pride and protection of family members can also be seen as a weak-point in his decision making process. If forced to chose between his children and The Collective, Kerwin Drake will always choose his family, putting him at odds with some of the more fanatical members of The Collective.

Use The Environment (Combat Aspect)

Kerwin Drake has survived and won as many fights as he has by not looking to meet an enemy in a vacuum. Knowing that he will inevitably face down Force Users (or even worse, a Jedi), Drake is always looking to use the environment around him to his advantage. This could mean something like setting a trap with explosives that then triggers a rock-slide that then buries his opponent under the rubble. Short of that, he has no problem facing down a lightsaber with his Electro-staff or riot baton. Without his tools, or in an environment where there isn't much for him to work with, Kerwin's wit and melee-focused fighting style can leave him vulnerable and exposed, especially against the Force User's he seeks to destroy.

Brute Squad (Combat Aspect)

Despite his usually calm and steady demeanor, fellow Technocrats have jokingly referred to Kerwin Drake as the lone member of his very own "Brute Squad". While this mostly refers to his towering figure, and how he uses his strength and melee prowess to overwhelm and and overpower opponents, Drake is also clever enough to out-think and match most of his opponents. This does not prevent people from labeling or treating him as a simple brute, but he will use that stereotype to his advantage and throw enemies for a loop with a witty jab accompanying a hit from his Electro-staff. While his knowledge of explosives can help, Kerwin is at a disadvantage for his distaste of Blasters or ranged weapons of any kind.

Skill Feats
Assess The Situation Lightning Reflexes You May Have Heard Of Me Ambidexterity II This Is Where We Fight! Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear Kneecapper You Killed My Father, Prepare To Die Fear Will Keep Them In Line Beast Of Burden Order Feat: Mercenary
Force Feats
Granted Feats
Hotfix III Junker III Force Wielder Awareness Technocrat Devaronian: The Face You Can't Hide Devaronian: Pick Your Poison
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Devaronese
  • Basic Cybernetic Maintenance
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Wrruushi
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None