Character Snapshot (Reaver Zig Kaliska)

Character Snapshot for Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska (03/18/2020, RO)

Reaver Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska

Equite, Unaffiliated
Female Zygerrian, Mercenary, Scavenger
Height: 1.73 m / 5'8" - Weight: 58.96 kg / 130 lbs
Age: 24 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Zig's large, almond shaped eyes are bright and yellow, accentuated by a naturally-occurring dark outline and long lashes. Her smooth skin lacks any noticeable blemishes or scarring, with full lips, a pert nose, and a pearly-white smile with unobtrusive fangs. Her pale red skin holds auburn-hued fur along her arms, legs, and at the sides of her large pointed ears that could be described as either lupine or feline depending on your point of view. Her long hair is naturally blonde, but is permanently died a midnight blue. She keeps one side braided over one shoulder, with random strands dipping in front of her face like scattered bangs and the rest falling over the opposite shoulder.

She sports a petite, athletic figure with a medium bust, narrow waist and hips, and toned stomach.

Character Image

Loadout: Zig-Zag (Snapshot)
There’s An Easy Way? (General Aspect)

Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska somehow always finds herself in tricky situations that put her in over her head. As such, Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska always seems to be digging herself out of some kind of dilemma. While this speaks to Zig'rahsahe "Zig" Kaliska’s ability to think outside the box to find solutions, her moral code often gets in the way of taking the easy way out.

Call Me "Zig" (General Aspect)

Zigrah'sahe "Zig" Kaliska went most of her life dealing with everyone mispronouncing her name. She's not only seen every variation of the wrong pronunciation, but has also had her gender assumed. The later she has learned to simply accept as it helps more than hurts her job prospects, usually. It was not until she started working with an older Zygerrian by the name of Zaagnika Umangi - or Zag as she preferred to be called - gave her the nickname "Zig". Originally she did not like having a nickname, but soon grew to love it. She now simply introduces herself as Zig, and rarely answers to either her birth name or surname.

Of course, when the friend you spend most of your time with goes by "Zag" getting refereed to together or told to "Zig-Zag" can get old pretty quickly when on a job. Especially when others think they are the first to come up with it.

Quirky Drifter (Personality Aspect)

Zig's personality can best be summed up by one word: quirky. Her laugh is bright and infectious to some but loud and crass to others. Her sense of humor ranges from silly to risque. She is always trying to tinker or modify anything she's given, such as folding a piece of expensive flimsiplast into an origami hawk-bat, even if it was actually an invaluable ledger for a client. Her artistic side comes out further when given an opportunity to build something from scratch, often using unconventional designs and color schemes. Having never truly had a home, she has spent most of her life drifting from place to place, job to job, always looking for something new. This leads to her sometimes feeling stuck if she stays in any one place for too long, making it harder for her to maintain lasting relationships with others.

Go With the Flow (Personality Aspect)

Despite her habit for getting into martial arts duels for her pride or for fun, Zig is actually has a big heart and is eager to get along with others. She understands that everyone has their own battles that might not be visible from the surface of their demeanor. She tries to stay optimistic and believe in the good of people over the bad. As a result, she will often go along with activities she personally doesn't enjoy if it is the will of others or the group she's socializing with. This seemingly naive approach has burned her more than once, but she has since learned that there is little benefit in getting upset over spilled bantha milk. Instead, she marks the experience as a lesson and never lets it get her down. Zig will always look to move forward with a smile on her face and open heart to the next opportunity that comes her way.

Head, Shoulders-Knee's-and-Claws (Combat Aspect)

Zig's self-taught martial arts style focuses heavily on her long term study of Corellian Kickboxing while incorporating the less linear elements of Shadow Step to keep her patterns from becoming predicable. She thrives on the rush of using unconventional parts of her body to strike an opponent, which actually helps compensate for her lack of reach and range. A knee to the face is more rewarding than a simple punch, especially if she has been dismissed for her diminutive frame or gender. As a result, it is easy for her to lose focus when called out for any perceived shortcomings or challenged to a direct duel. That same sense of ego can also lead her to disregard her mission or teammates for the sake of finish the fight in front of her.

Tinker, Brawler, Scavenger (Combat Aspect)

Zig's fighting style can be broken down into three simple parts. As a Tinker, she utilizes her Crafting talents to make personal modifications to her equipment and armaments on the fly. Since these changes can often be experimental, they can just as easily breakdown or literally blow up in her face. As a Brawler, she likes to get things done up close and personal and with her fists. She does not like guns of any kind, often putting her at a situational disadvantage. As a Scavenger, she takes pride in her ability to work with whatever is around her, improvising and using her Survival knowledge to keep ahead of her opponents. This resilience, of course, is less useful in more urban or sterile environments where she does not have much to work with.

Skill Feats
Daredevil Lightning Reflexes Just A Flesh Wound Droid Whisperer The Hand Is Quicker Petranaki Parkour! Ambidexterity II The System, Is Down Order Feat: Mercenary
Force Feats
Granted Feats
Zygerrian: Victory or Death Zygerrian: The Master's Whip Steel Curtain Hotfix II Junker II
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Zygerrian
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Corellian Kickboxing
Secondary Martial Art Sliding Hands
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None