Privateer Field Agent 4

Privateer Field Agent

Equite, Unaffiliated
Unspecified Human, Mercenary, Infiltrator
Height: 1.8 m / 5'11" - Weight: 80.0 kg / 176 lbs
Age: 33 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Field Agents of the Inquisitorious are amongst the faceless rank and file that comprise the Society at large. They are recruited for their physical attributes specifically not to stick out and arouse suspicion. Generally of average build and height. Their defining body tattoos of the Inquisitorious are the only mark that indicate their allegiance.


Privateer Field Agent has not created any public loadouts yet.

Due Diligence (General Aspect)

When Field Agent does things, he makes sure everything is done correctly, no matter how long it takes. This means there are frequent delays in Field Agent's work, but it's usually done right, at least.

Alternative Methods (General Aspect)

Field Agent's skills as a medic are not just limited to holo-books and lectures. He has read up and practiced a handful of experimental treatments while inventing a few home remedies of his own. This allows Field Agent to work outside the box in less than ideal situations, and can lead to him solving mysteries other trained medics might struggle with. This, of course, comes with its own string of failures, as nothing is ever perfect. That, and some of the more established professionals in the field often doubt or question Field Agent's alternative practices. He typically brushes them off in favor of doing everything he can to help a patient, but does quietly seek recognition for accomplishments as a healer.

Outside The Box (Personality Aspect)

Field Agent is a lateral thinker, and when he encounters problems or dilemmas, he is very good at improvising and coming up with alternative solutions. This allows Field Agent to find ways out of situations others might give up on. While these solutions are often not so obvious to others, Field Agent can typically explain and lead others through his long as they are patient and willing enough to trust him outside thinking.

Lone Wolf (Personality Aspect)

Field Agent doesn't like to work in groups or teams and feels most comfortable on his own. Field Agent sticks to himself, sets his own pace, and doesn't share feelings or emotions with others. While the Lone Wolf can get things done quietly and efficiently, he tends to be emotionally cut off and has problems relating to his comrades.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later (Combat Aspect)

If Field Agent had been in Greedo’s shoes, Han Solo would be pushing up daisies. He almost always acts on instinct, which typically means he can be seen as impulsive and may not think his actions through, especially in situations during or leading up to combat.

Always Prepared (Combat Aspect)

Sometimes the only way to prepare for the worst is to always expect it. Field Agent takes this philosophy one step further by never leaving home without accounting for every possible scenario he might expect to encounter. Field Agent tends to always have the right tool or item for a situation and has a habit of quietly and almost smugly presenting solutions before anyone even recognizes there is a problem. This foresight is far from infallible, however, and he often finds himself at a loss in situations that go beyond what he could have imagined. While incredibly practical and often a life-saver in a pinch, his perpetually pessimistic outlook on daily life can be a bit draining on more optimistic-inclined companions.

Skill Feats
Run And Gun Order Feat: Mercenary Just A Flesh Wound To The Pain Assess The Situation Jury-rig Who Needs A Tech? Keen Eye II Chameleon II
Force Feats
General Feats
Human: Just Another Face Human: Eye Of The Tiger Disarming Smile
  • Basic
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Imperial Martial Arts System
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None