General Adlez Freewoman

General Adlez Freewoman

Elder, Unaffiliated
Female Twi'lek, Loyalist, Scoundrel
Height: 1.6 m / 5'3" - Weight: 61.0 kg / 134 lbs
Age: 63 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Teal skin, once bright and taut, now sags in places on that have gained a softness and inelasticity only age can provide. Smatterings of freckles, moles, and all manner of age- and sunspots from a long life in various hues of darker, deeper teal run rampant across the woman's flesh, turning her complexion into a cratered coral reef below ocean waters instead of anything smooth and youthful. However, a sharp cunning still shines in bright blue, lucid eyes, framed by crow's feet and wrinkles. Adlez's long lekku have shortened somewhat with the years, curling them at the ends, but they still flicker behind her gracefully, held up over her shoulders by graceful ornamentation as if to mimic an updo. While the Twi'lek's frame has hunched and slimmed to boney thinness at the joints, her middle, thighs, and upper arms retain immutable pudge long since settled in a decade earlier. Nevertheless, the beauty that originally captured her features — and she herself, evidenced by the long, long faded slave brand on her throat — is hinted at underneath: regal cheekbones, a broad, flat nose, round catlike eyes, and long proportioned limbs leaving a certain pleasantness behind, the graceful droop of a cut flower withering patiently to gray.


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A Piece of Wisdom (General Aspect)

Adlez has lived a long life, and she has not let one single year of it escape her grasp with frivolity. The Twi'lek threw herself into learning, using her natural empathy and charisma in conjunction with the more easily taught features of leadership and politicking. She made sure to squeeze every lesson possible out of every mistake and has never allowed failure to stop her or pride to blind her. Her decisions are always deliberate and made with as much information and care as possible, and she takes great pains to ensure that those around her and to coe after her are well-informed as well. Ignorance and apathy are her mortal enemies, and she is well known as the voice of reason and wisdom in any setting, her advice much sought after.

Names Have Power (General Aspect)

When Adlez was freed from slavehood by Lucian Niatinus' decree, the first thing she did was give herself a name — Freewoman. No longer would she be property, second class, without identity or personhood. This ideal inspired her entire political career. Rising from the depths of servitude, she lifted her voice when it was asked for, teaching herself to read and studying voraciously, attending every meeting of any community nature that followed her planet's liberation. She rose into local administration, then to planetary recognition, eventually elected to the Principate's Senate to represent her people. She served as a Senator and later as a Parliament member for many years each, eventually becoming one third of the Triumvirate as its head of Social Administration. All along, she carried her name and her compassion for others, ruthless in the pursuit of freedoms for all around her.

Defeat the Darkness, Cultivate the Light (Personality Aspect)

Adlez is a champion of causes most consider well-meaning: anti-slavery, anti-warmongering, in favor of public outreach and the abolition of poverty. She prizes most self-actualization and inspiring it in others, and brooks no argument in pushing this agenda to every corner of the Principate. Much of the Principate's modern propaganda stems from her at its source, her collectivistic ideals becoming their ideals, emphasising order, productivity, unity, duty, and personal freedom being tied closely with communal wellbeing. Her views on certain topics — like an open and protected sex work trade — may surprise some, while her public harshness on criminality is more expected. While Adlez truly believes in striving for a "better world", the side of her often hidden behind her poised smile is a bitterly beutal streak against anything resembling old Imperial ideals or opposition to her career, and she is willing to commit Hein acts to ensure her vision of the bright future.

A Night-Blooming Flower (Personality Aspect)

Adlez began life as a pleasure slave, but a cultivated one. She was taught manners of court, of beauty, of elegance and intrigue. These mannerisms and lessons followed her out of servitude; Adlez is never anything but graceful and stately, even with her youth long behind her. She speaks carefully, with expansive vocabulary and diction, always dresses and moves as would any queen, and conducts herself always with decorum. To some she is steely, cruel or unkind in her demeanor for how distant and aloof she may seem. To others she is a arrogant crone, clutching tightly to jewels and unable to let go of illusions of grandeur. But to herself, Adlez is regal down to her bones, letting her confidence in her own identity show outwardly in her appearance. Anything that would go against this cultivated image is discarded, and she has little ability for casual interaction.

Two Can Keep a Secret If One Of Them Is Dead (Combat Aspect)

Adlez may be a lady and a head of state, but she is neither without means to defend herself nor willingness to do so. Age has made her small, slow, and weak, but has only fortified her ruthlessness when she deems it necessary. She takes threats to herself, her campaign, or the Principate very seriously, and her political career has been as rife with secrets and favors as it has her genuine good will, honesty, and drive for improvement. If those secrets were jeopardized, Adlez might be forced to take matters into her own elderly hands with the knife kept under her clothes for emergencies, a whore's last line of defense that she never gave up on.

If He Be Worthy (Combat Aspect)

Adlez's lifetime of public service has earned many adoring flocks, any of whom would be willing to lend her aid or their arms if needed. She has in her cabinet and retinue several Champions, career military men and women hand selected from volunteers that wished to guard the Twi'lek's they saw as the person who would save them and their countries. These Champions would fight and die for her, far more dedicated than any paid protective detail, but they are neither infallible nor invulnerable, and Adlez is loath to see any of them hurt. If separated from them, she would be in grave danger, and if they are threatened, she may be persuaded to surrender for their sakes.

Skill Feats
Pulling. It. Off. I See What You Did There Cry No More Stay A While And Listen Resistance Is Futile Go Ahead, Make My Day Your Reputation Precedes You Fly Casual III Intergalactic III
Force Feats
General Feats
True Colors Order Feat: Loyalist Twi'lek: Talk Lekku To Me Twi'lek: Just The Tips Disarming Smile Is That The Best You Got?
  • Basic
  • Bocce
  • Huttese
  • Twi'leki
  • Galactic Socioeconomics
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Political Science of the Interior
  • Psychology
  • Smuggler Trade/Business/Ventures
  • Sociology
  • Systems of Governing and Welfare
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
  • Underworld Contracts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
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