Reaver Kalee Reechi

Reaver Kalee Reechi

Equite, Unaffiliated
Female Umbaran, Mercenary, Director
Height: 1.9 m / 6'3" - Weight: 83.0 kg / 183 lbs
Age: 41 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Kalee’s pale white skin is typical of her species. Her blue eyes are a bright spot on her otherwise bland face. Her head and body is completely hairless. Kalee doesn’t have any significant scars, but does sport a tattoo of the Severian Principate logo on the back of her left hand.


Reaver Kalee Reechi has not created any public loadouts yet.

Former Slave (General Aspect)

Kalee Reechi grew up never knowing her family. She was sold into slavery very young, and was put to work almost immediately. However, due to her age, Kalee Reechi bounced from owner to owner until she became a teenager. Having to endure horrible treatment during this time in her life, Kalee Reechi has lingering trust issues while carrying an absolute hatred toward slavers. If confronted with acts of slavery, she will most likely lash out in some way, regardless of it compromises her objective.

Mad World (General Aspect)

Kalee Reechi has a sick sense of humor, viewing the world through dark colored glass. She has a biting sense of black humor, often laughing at things that most people would find reprehensible or down right soul crushing. As a result, those that are not used to her brand of humor often find Kalee Reechi downright unbearable or overly morbid. At the same time, her cynicism can be useful for seeing through the optimistic altruism of those she encounters.

Straight Shooter (Personality Aspect)

Kalee Reechi tells it like she sees it, when she thinks it; and she doesn't try to sugar coat what she says.

I Am Not A Committee! (Personality Aspect)

Kalee Reechi likes to engage in detailed discussions and think through situations carefully, often collaborating with others to seek their opinions before deciding on the best course of action. While this often ensures Kalee Reechi is more fair and well-respected amongst her peers, sometimes others do not have time to discuss this in a committee.

Keeping My Distance (Combat Aspect)

Kalee Reechi vastly prefers ranged combat, taking every opportunity to use skills and Force Powers to disengage from melee and instead fight at range, so much so that she has become competent at staying out of melee in the first place.

Bothans Do It From Behind (Combat Aspect)

Kalee Reechi will never go into any situation head-on. Whether it be combat or just strolling down the street, she will stick to the shadows or cloak themselves in the Force. The less they are seen the better. If they cannot sneak up on someone, then Kalee Reechi will not bother confronting them.

Skill Feats
This Is Where We Fight! Order Feat: Mercenary Fear Will Keep Them In Line Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear Classic Misdirection Stay A While And Listen Sociopath You May Have Heard Of Me Creature Affinity Go Ahead, Make My Day Checkmate II Silver Tongue II
Force Feats
General Feats
Umbaran: Devil's Dance Umbaran: Paint It Black
  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Umbaran
  • The Rise and Fall of the Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Cultures of the Outer Rim
  • History of Force Religions
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None