Character Snapshot (Hunter Zakai Biask)

Character Snapshot for Zakai Biask (07/01/2019, GJW)

Hunter Zakai Biask

Journeyman, Unaffiliated
Male Twi'lek, Sith, Techweaver
Height: 1.65 m / 5'5" - Weight: 54.4 kg / 120 lbs
Age: 15 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Zakai is a half-Hapan, half-Twi'lek. Having hit puberty he is undergoing a growth spurt; He will soon be nearly as tall as his father but he takes after his slim mother's figure. Zakai is thin but has begun sporting budding muscles developed under the rigors of his Master's training. His limbs are a little out of proportion to his body in that way that happens to growing humanoids while his lekku head tails are somewhat stunted compared to other, purebred, Twi'leks his age. He has a rosy, pinkish skin hue more like his mother's as well as his father's original hazel eyes. He has a handsome face drawing from his Hapan descent with a strong jawline and chin borrowed from his father.

Loadout: Zakai loadout (Snapshot)
The Good Apprentice (General Aspect)

Zakai sees himself as his father's Apprentice first and does everything in his power to please his Master. Mostly this means the Apprentice adheres to his Master's teachings with discipline and eagerness but can at times lead him into making rash, short sighted decisions he thinks will impress his Father-- decisions that often displease the dour and critical Sith Warlord Vodo Biask.

I Can Fix That (General Aspect)

If it has an electronic circuit or gears,Zakai Biask thinks he can fix it; everything from holopads to starships. To Zakai Biask, even the most random assortment of scraps from a junkyard can be used to create something useful. he has a knack for fixing things that are broken, and his confidence in this ability borders on arrogance, and if he fails to fix something, he is prone to fits of anger and annoyance.

Two Sides of the Same Coin (Personality Aspect)

Zakai is a naturally positive and bright eyed youth. He finds wonder in machines and technology and if left to his own devices likes to tinker with components. His Master however is displeased by such flippant behavior and prefers his Apprentice to adopt his own quiet, fierce, and determined attitude. Zakai Biask can stand still, glower, and appear disaffected to his Master's standards but will quickly revert to his more natural demeanor when not directly supervised.

Outside The Box (Personality Aspect)

Zakai Biask is a lateral thinker, and when he encounters problems or dilemmas, he is very good at improvising and coming up with alternative solutions. This allows Zakai Biask to find ways out of situations others might give up on. While these solutions are often not so obvious to others, Zakai Biask can typically explain and lead others through his long as they are patient and willing enough to trust him outside thinking.

Don't Get Cocky, Kid (Combat Aspect)

Zakai Biask has been trained rigorously by his father in combat and is no stranger to his light saber or combative arts. He is a good student and has tested his skills in combat already despite his young age. He is swift, agile, and growing in strength every day making him a serious issue for even experienced fighters twice his age but his short success has led him to place more faith in his abilities than perhaps he should. He has earned the right to some self-confidence but like most young men it easily slips into cockiness.

Tiny, But Fierce (Combat Aspect)

Zakai Biask works hard to maintain an image of fierce tenacity despite being of a smaller stature. To that extent, Zakai Biask has learned to not take jabs about his stature offensively, but to instead burn them quietly as fuel for his inner spirit. The flame that is sparked as a result is controlled by Zakai Biask's discipline of never overestimating his own abilities or those of his opponents. He has trained to fully utilize his size as an advantage when fighting larger opponents. He knows exactly how to leverage his weight to deliver the most effective take downs or maneuvers. The effort to maintain this image can be draining at times, and when outmatched or overwhelmed, Zakai Biask becomes susceptible to a loss of spirit.

Skill Feats
Droid Whisperer Just A Flesh Wound
Force Feats
Mechu-deru I Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain Hexing I
General Feats
Order Feat: Sith Twi'lek: Talk Lekku To Me Twi'lek: Just The Tips
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Twi'leki
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Imperial Martial Arts System
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form 0 (Banlanth)