Clan Plagueis

Clan of the Dark Brotherhood
Adapt. Ascend. Avail.
About Clan Plagueis

Adapt. Ascend. Avail. Plagueis is the only clan in the Brotherhood solely adherent to the dark side of the Force. Adapting to both the vacuum of space and later a new dominion after being driven out of its original home, the clan has ascended to become a strong military and economic force - with an Imperialist influence - in the galaxy. The Sith, loyalists, Imperials, mercenaries, and subordinates of Plagueis thrive on strength, ruthlessness, and cunning to avail themselves.

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Dread Lord
Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
Dread Lord's Wrath
Quaestor (Tyranus)
Battlelord Taranae Rhode
Hand of Dread
Battlelord Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae
Showing all 32 members
PIN Rank Name
3069 Mystic Kodais Solatus
3151 Warlord Silent
6643 Commander Teebu Nyrrire
6749 Battlelord Marcus Armani
9426 Augur Alaris Jinn
9676 Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
10503 Savant Morfra Gul
11347 Mystic Zuser Whuloc
11513 Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia
13299 Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia
13525 Battlemaster Aleister Mavros
13721 Battlelord Taranae Rhode
13733 Knight Qormus Aquila
13822 Acolyte Sarai Andromeda
13922 Battlelord Tisto Kingang
13923 Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
13964 Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum
14400 Battlelord Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae
14456 Hunter Oric Ral
14808 Hunter Lokast Falls
14903 Knight Obsidian
14964 Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia
15059 Knight Fenrir
15507 Warrior Khryso Mallus
16153 Acolyte Livia Mariquita Daffel
16244 Novice Necronis
16268 Novice Albanos Crumb
16295 Novice Gerauk Culan
16296 Novice Dillininioh Colk
16298 Acolyte Sinya Ani
16300 Apprentice Aggorath
16304 Apprentice Alston Nailo