Competition: Clash of the Multiverse Ep. I: Star Wars meets Marvel

Clash of the Multiverse Ep. I: Star Wars meets Marvel


We may have all heard or thought probably more than once about how cool would be if the multiple universes theory were true.

One interesting aspect of the quantum mechanics is that each outcome of an event would correspond to a different observable universe. Supposing a six-sided dice is thrown, the six possible ways the dice can fall correspond to six different universes. (This MinutePhysics video is sweet and concise about the subject if you want to find out more)


This morning a rupture in the space-time continuum made possible showing all the results of the same dice at the same time, bringing not only chaos and destruction to the world but also enabling traveling through different universes.

Write some fiction of at least 500 words in length depicting a story (preferably one that includes a battle) related to you and your favorite Marvel character.


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Mystic Geosh Romanae, Neophyte Melissa
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2016-04-16 until 2016-06-01 (about 2 months)
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Clan Tarentum
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Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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