Clan Tarentum

  • In Darkness We Trust
  • We are two halves of the same coin. No longer the youngest, but neither the eldest. A bloody beginning. A contemptible conclusion. This and more describes Clan Tarentum, its legendary necromancers and its infamous members. We are watching as the clock ticks. As your heart beats. We are there when the blood courses through your veins, pounds in your head, or spills on the ground. Like all living things, until we draw our last breath. We are. Fear the darkness, but do not go into the light.
  • 59
PIN Rank Name
598 Grand Master Kreeayt Havok
3728 Master Darth Aeternus
308 Master Anshar Kahn Tarentae
756 Master Dek Sabbat
3236 Adept Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae
4017 Warlord Frosty Romanae Tarentae
10446 Warlord Fremoc Pepoi
235 Warlord Saitou Tarentae
3127 Reaver Rekio Corsair Tarentae
9335 Battlelord Scion Tarentae
1688 Battlelord Zekk
4359 Battlelord MERLANCE
48 Battlelord Pel Tarentae
8075 Battlelord Etah Shankura
8596 Battlelord Hades
402 Battlelord Kessian Armus
8343 Seer Kah Manet
4179 Battlemaster Dox Romanae Tarentae
5949 Battlemaster Archean Tarentae
2265 Battlemaster X-Pilot
974 Savant Jason Hunter
14229 Raider Ranarr Kul
10503 Warrior Thanadd Mawgath
13525 Warrior Solas Night-Thorn
14400 Warrior Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn
7854 Mystic Dolash
14596 Mystic Lucifer Romanov
13997 Mystic Jalen Ramz
14380 Mystic Geosh Romanae
6687 Mystic Kromtal Stormfyld
10639 Privateer Kano Tor Tydex
14037 Knight Magik
3763 Knight Licah Fox
14217 Knight Alexander Drago
13347 Knight Khaldrago Quincy
3882 Knight Zill
3938 Knight Jabis Ravenhawk
13116 Knight Garloaf
14299 Knight blackhawk
14729 Professional Satre Pelles
14406 Professional Tebbo Jensen
14223 Hunter Elwoode Silverstar
14617 Hunter Lunamilevolk
14570 Acolyte Balinéadut
14763 Acolyte Fadas Dealan-De
14473 Acolyte Nyx Erinyes
14716 Acolyte Dain Cathis
14927 Courier Tex
14480 Neophyte Mij Nosliw
14788 Neophyte T'Calla Kytana
14883 Trainee Nitro Richardson
14940 Novice Scarrow Ik
14687 Novice Jendi
14916 Novice Jamar Luc
14930 Novice See-o-noo
14937 Apprentice Satima
14934 Apprentice ash williams
14943 Apprentice azarath
14917 Apprentice Dragorah