Competition: There be Monters under ye feet.

There be Monters under ye feet.

So as you may know, Castle Tarentum is an underwater citadel. Being built in a deep ocean there have always been stories and rumors of strange sightings in the darkness of the sea. glowing eyes in darkness watching you. a massive fin seen melting into shadow. the stories are en-ending.

Now things like this should have tripped the perimiter sensors, but no alert has ever gone out about any unknown sea creature... but if you ask any sensor tech weather they've seen anything strange... well lets just say it raises your hackles to see the look in their eyes.

so your task: Star Wars Themed sea monster under the seas of Yridia II, go!

Include your vision of castle Tarentum for bonus points!

Submissions must be your own original work.

Judging will be based on Creativity of sea monster.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Lev's Monthly Cycle May-June
Organized by
Mystic Altheseus Levathan
Running time
2016-05-23 until 2016-06-20 (29 days)
Target Unit
Clan Tarentum
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
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