Competition: CDW:AUT 2017 - Character Concept II - Imbuing Personality I

CDW:AUT 2017 - Character Concept II - Imbuing Personality I

Prompt - To know how to create a character with personality, you need to ask yourself what kind of person the character is. Give that person a handful of quirks that are his/hers. Think of it as a recipe - many dishes require more than a single ingredient, but in differing amounts and in combination with different other ingredients. It is no easy task to imbue a character with personality, rather, it is a rather big challenge.

You are tasked, starting simply, to pick four “ingredients” to start with. Choose four(4) words that you feel would create a good strong base for your character. These characteristics will be the strongest in the depths of your characters personality. In addition, use these words to create a short personality description to explain the manifestation of these personality traits.

The following is an example from my character -

Specifications - Minimum 100 words. No maximum. Has to be a downloadable file type. (.doc, .pdf, .xdoc).

Grading Criteria - Creativity (30%), Realism (30%), Spelling/Grammar (15%), Adherence to Prompt (25%)

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Character Development Workshop: Autumn/Winter 2017 Series
Organized by
Augur Mune Cinteroph, Corsair Aylin Sajark
Running time
2017-09-07 until 2017-09-16 (10 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
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