Competition: [Imperium] Build a Bad Guy #2

[Imperium] Build a Bad Guy #2
"Everyone is the good guy in their own story."

As we move into more emphasis on member engagement and inclusiveness, one of our focuses will be on the direct means and methods of this initiative. With this in mind, the Imperium Summit would like to invite the membership to submit their own concept and design for a future enemy of our House. Of important notice; this is a three-part test, which if successful - will become a standard event for Imperium as we develop our story and lore together as a team after the Great Jedi War.

Competition Details:

Below in the subscriber details of this competition, a prompt is provided that gives a brief outline of a type of enemy the summit is looking to use. This future enemy is to be featured in an upcoming House Fiction Update and has the potential to be used for further storylines of the house or subunits. What we are looking for: is for participants to create a character that follows the outline that is given. We are looking for such things as:

  • Name
  • Physical Desciption
  • Potential Aspects
  • Summary of Skills/Force Powers
  • Their Backstory

Grading will be based upon the Voice's Fiction Rubric, with the focus being upon the most interesting character backstory.

Bad Guy #2:

This character will be a medium lived character; meaning this will be introduced in a Fiction Update and serve as a main nemesis in a story arc of several (2-3) chapters and competitions. Mid-high level equite, and must be a force-user - alignment is not important. Must have a connection to the Brotherhood fleet that attacked our home system, however has since gone rogue and unattached to the Brotherhood. Gender is up to you. Looking for some sort of tramatic event in their background.

Competition Information
Organized by
Warlord Rhys Pwyll
Running time
2017-09-29 until 2017-10-13 (15 days)
Target Unit
House Imperium
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents
4 subscribers, of which 1 has participated.
Augur Alara Deathbane
Textual submission

Captain Bouchard
French Pirate -- could be Aleena
Super excitable explosive technician
backstory: Orphan gone genius

no, I totally didn't use my husband's step-father's last name >.>

No placement