House Imperium

Your Will, My Hands.
About House Imperium

House Imperium represents the military strength of Scholae Palatinae as it pursues its goal of upholding the vision of Emperor Palpatine and his successors; as such, House Imperium is the epitome of offensive maneuvers.

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PIN Rank Name
2407 Adept Kell Palpatine Dante
7370 Warlord Rasilvenaira Isatri'Zara StormRaven
6352 Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut
3160 Battlelord Ric "Tater" Hunter
10106 Battlelord Reiden Palpatine Karr
10558 Savant Ulfsark
14806 Mystic Kadrol Hauen
8215 Knight Elad Cirith
15718 Hunter Xendar Thendaris
15720 Neophyte Fushang
15787 Apprentice Hod Skar
15765 Apprentice Tristram
15717 Apprentice Kyrel
15721 Apprentice Aluxan