Competition: SRI Project #3 - Week 4 - Letter to the Commander

SRI Project #3 - Week 4 - Letter to the Commander

Letter to the Commander

Forming a paramilitary unit from the ground up is a tough task and the new Commander of the SRI's combat units needs your help deciding what structure our forces should take. Write a letter to the commander detailing what you feel the final structure of the SRI's battalion should look like. Let others worry about the money and resources that might be needed to fill out your vision, put together what you feel is the most effective force in order to further the mission of the SRI.


A battalion is made up of four companies, using the units in the Atrophos Military Academy present your case for just what shape those four companies should take. If one or more of your selected company types can also support vehicles be sure to also include the exact vehicles they should be equipped with.


  • SRI Mission Fit - 40%
  • Realism - 20%
  • Creativity - 20%
  • Spelling/Grammar - 10%


  • Preferred submission formats are text box, pdf, doc or rtf. No links to outside documents please.
  • Submissions should be between 250 and 500 words.
  • The letter itself should be presented as in character.
  • Use the DJB possessions stores to find the appropriate units and/or vehicles to suggest.
Competition Information
Parent Competition
SRI Research Project #3: Onward and Upward
Organized by
Seer Justinios Taldrya Drake
Running time
2018-06-24 until 2018-07-07 (14 days)
Target Unit
Clan Taldryan
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Corsair Soren Leonis
File submission
1st place
Knight Joe Durham
Textual submission

Dear Sorqa Buuk,

Congratulations on your recent acquisition of an SRI battalion. I have seen my share of battles, and am versed in the more popular strategies used in war and conflict. I am capable of employing those strategies to varying degrees of success.
Because of my experience in these matters, I feel now is the perfect time to enlighten you as to the most effective structure of this new battalion. First off, the purpose of this battalion is not combat. It is to provide Taldryan forces with various forms of information vital to the success of their various missions, duties, and tasks.
Now with that out of the way, battalion should be composed of four companies. The first should be a Headquarters and Headquarters service company. The members of this company would be all personnel working in the various staff sections of the battalion and the headquarters company. This includes a Command section with the battalion commander, the battalion executive officer, the most senior non commissioned officer, and the battalion staff sections (S1/S2/S3/S4). The Command section supervises the operational and support activities of all units making up the battalion. The S1 section provides personnel administrative support, the S2 section is responsible for the security management of the battalion, the S3 section prepares plans and operations for the battalion, the S4 section is responsible for all supply, maintenance, transportation, and logistics for the battalion.
The second company is an intelligence company. They consolidate all of the battalion’s all-source information. This includes situation development, target development, electronic warfare, security and deception, and reprogramming operations.
The third company is another intelligence company. They are responsible for the battalion’s technical intelligence. This means they exploit tactical level imagery(holo communications, pictures, etc) and to disseminate the resulting information within the battalion’s deployments.
The fourth company is an infantry company. This company is responsible for all of the battalion’s combat operations. This includes the physical security of the battalion during deployments.
I believe this would be the most efficient and effective structure for the SRI battalion. It will surely serve the SRI well in furthering its mission. Good luck.

Sincerely, Knight Joe Durham

2nd place
Augur Raistline Taldrya Majere
Textual submission


I'm not sure why I am bothering. Under my command you neglected orders on multiple tasks. Nevertheless, you made sure the mission was complete and that garnishes respect. From this respect I have a few suggestions on building a generic battalion. These can be used in the most basic military arrangements.

I suggest starting off with a Scouting party. Want the meat of your group knowing what they are getting into, a scouting party is the way to go. Second, grab some air support. Get some troops on speeder bikes, that work in tangent with the scouting party. Sure, relaying back info saying you found the enemy is helpful, but being able to call in instant cavalry can gain a great surprise in battle or be a great support asset.

Thirdly, lets talk heavy armor troops. So your scouts spread out in front of your forces. The "pickets," as we call them, engage the enemy and intentionally tapor off. As they taper off they lead the enemy into the center of your forces. The air troops on speeder bikes round any enemy not falling for the ploy, and draws them in to you. Thats where your heavy troops are waiting. At-St's and At-At's waiting to pick your opponent off. An infantry battalion would go nice here as well, supporting your armor division and maintaining that the enemy stays in the "pocket."

From this point on all you gotta do is stop the enemy from escaping. Anyone fleeing would be rounded up by the scouting party and air troopers, both of which would double back on our forces to assist in fire power.

If these ideas don't help, I wont be surprised. Like I said earlier you never did listen to me much, but I know you'll get the job done. Best of luck.


3rd place