Competition: [RoS: Meridian Event Long] Multimedia - Propaganda


[RoS: Meridian Event Long] Multimedia - Propaganda

This competition is in the Event Long Graphics and Multimedia Bin. Participating in a competition in this bin for the first time awards 5 points from participation to your unit. [RoS: Meridian Event Long] Multimedia - Comic is also in this bin.

Participating in at least one competition in each Phase Phase 3 bin will earn a member 3 additional participation points. See the parent competition for detailed rules. Cumulatively, the placements in this competition are worth 13% of placement points in Event Long competitions.

Objective: Create a piece of in-universe propaganda created either by the Collective or Dark Brotherhood. Your piece should either show why the one group is superior to the other by direct comparison or simply show negative aspects of one group as seen by the other (an attack ad as it were). Entries must combine at least two different media to qualify, such as graphics, text, sound, video, etc. Length, quality and fusion of multiple media types will all be considered for placements.

Important Additional Information: This event may be submitted to by teams of anywhere from 1 to 4 members from the same clan. Every member of the team has to participate in the competition one way or another. The graders may require you to hand over any e-mail or chat correspondence after the competition is over. Please keep both saved. Only one team member needs to submit the entry through the site. Participation records will be adjusted manually.

How to Submit: Through the site (URL's to video hosting services are acceptable). Formats: .png, .jpg., .gif, video, flash, etc.

How we are Grading: Dark Brotherhood Graphics Rubric v.2.0

Mediums: Any traditional or digital

Competition Information

Parent Competition
Rite of Supremacy: Meridian
Organized by
Adept Selika Roh
Running time
2018-10-13 until 2018-11-19 (about 1 month)
Ends in
4 days (2018-11-19 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Difficulty Class
Novae and 4 Clusters of Graphite as per Herald guidelines
57 subscribers, of which 23 have already participated.