Competition: [RoS: Meridian Phase II] Fiction/Graphics - Fiction II

Being Judged

[RoS: Meridian Phase II] Fiction/Graphics - Fiction II

This competition is in the Phase 2 Fiction/Graphics Bin. Participating in a competition in this bin for the first time awards 4 points from participation to your unit. [RoS: Meridian Phase II] Lay of the Land is also in this bin.

Participating in at least one competition in each Phase Phase II bin will earn a member 3 additional participation points. See the parent competition for detailed rules. Cumulatively, the placements in this competition are worth 30% of placement points in Phase II.


"They call it Meridian. A trading hub, star port and, most recently, a high security correctional facility owned by Capital Enterprises. Brotherhood agents have successfully recovered the captured Shadow Academy Society agent—Vance Kordall. The discovery of Meridian’s location, however, leaves multiple avenues of opportunity to hit the Collective for once on our terms. Regardless of what objective you choose to pursue, your actions on Meridian have the potential to make a difference in the ongoing conflict. Godspeed." — Ness’arin Ohnaka, Director of Inquisitorius Operations

Choose Your Adventure

Your entry has the chance to shape the direction of the Vendetta storyline. Your task is to choose 1 of 3 separate objectives to write about for your entry. The objective that garners the most entries will be used to steer the Vendetta storyline into a related course of events.


Entries must use one of the following three prompts:

All Brotherhood agents should take note of the following data obtained from early reconnaissance from our slicers:

Reports indicate that Technocrat Soldier’s are present on the station as security. They are equipped with Z6 Riot Control Batons and are trained to defend against Force Users. Reports indicate that Sencara A’theri, a Capital Enterprises agent is present on the station.

Objective 1: Pursuit

With Vance Kordall rescued, Kendra Icasta and the Shikari Huntresses have fled to the sanctuary of Meridian, a Collective space station serving as a base of operations. The stations defenses are well prepared for defense from intruders, but the opportunity to turn the hunters into the hunted

Your objective is to get past Meridian’s defenses and to find and either incapacitate or eliminate the Shikari Huntresses and their leader, Kendra Icasta. Kendra Icasta is wanted alive by the Inquisitorius, by specific request of the Voice of the Brotherhood.

Objective 2: Neutralize

Intel from the Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN) indicates that Meridian is a major asset to Capital Enterprises, which serves as the financial backbone of the Collective. Taking the stations critical systems offline is a surefire way of sending a crippling blow back into the spine of the Collective by removing a key aspect of their business operations.

Whether by spacecraft or ground insertion, your objective is to neutralize and disable one or more of of Meridian stations core critical systems: shields, life support, power reactor, fuel storage, or the security systems.

Objective 3: Raid

More than just a space station, Meridian presents a bounty of material assets that could be worth a pretty credit on the disparate galactic markets. The seizing of Capital Enterprises material assets has the potential to disrupt profit revenue and supply chains for the entire Collective. For those with...higher aspirations to assist the Brotherhood, the Regent himself has offered monetary rewards for supplies delivered to Arx Capital Exchange (ACE).

Your objective is to raid Meridian space station for valuable assets such as weapons, machinery, munitions, power cells, illicit goods, foodstuffs, fuel, and other rare mining materials.


In order to have your fiction count as a vote for your objective of choice, your entry must contain a [Objective X] tag in the submissions file name, or the document itself. Any entry that does not include an Objective tag will not count towards voting, but is still eligible for participation/placement.

Example: [Objective 1]BestFictionEver.pdf

  • Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be marked as Disqualified.
  • There is no maximum word cap.
  • Your story should be centered on your Main or Alternative character. Slotted NPCs, Wikipedia NPCs, or other characters that you create or invent to tell your story are not only allowed, but encouraged. However, your narrative should focus around either your Main or Alternative character.
  • A snapshot of your Main or Alternative character loadout must be selected and submitted with your entry. Failure to attach a snapshot will prevent you from placing.


Grading will be done utilizing the Fiction Rubric.


Competition Information

Parent Competition
Rite of Supremacy: Meridian
Organized by
Master Marick Tyris, Adept Dacien Victae
Running time
2018-10-27 until 2018-11-05 (10 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
First Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
48 subscribers, of which 31 have already participated.