Competition: [EMB] The Girl In The High Tower (Q1-SF01)

Being Judged
[EMB] The Girl In The High Tower (Q1-SF01)

Our agents have discovered that the daughter of an Eyalan baron is an inexperienced force user. Her father has taken measures to keep her confined, her power a secret. Our operatives are to extract the girl without implicating Clan Scholae Palatinae.


  • Visit the EMB wiki page for more information about the Excidium Mission Board.
  • Prompts are open-ended. You fill in the details.
  • Entries must be a minimum of 500 words with no maximum using the mission prompt.
  • Your entry should be about your main or alternative character, but may also feature your personal NPCs (NPC slot/cs not required). Additionally, you are encouraged to include fellow members of House Excidium where applicable.
  • PG-13: We aim to offer the Star Wars experience. As such, excess gore and overly sexual content is prohibited.
  • Loadouts required for your main/alt character. (Note: As with standard DB fiction comps, there is a certain amount of leeway with the logical use of items. No one will penalize you for grabbing a pair of binoculars out of your ship’s hold even if it isn’t in your loadout.)
  • Entries must be submitted in .pdf, .doc, or .txt format using the submission box on the DB website. No googledoc links accepted. (File > Download As > PDF).
  • All entries will be graded using the Voice Fiction Rubric.


  • Orange - Aggressive force recommended (Assault)
  • Black - Covert approach recommended (Stealth)
  • Blue - Exploration recommended (Reconnaissance)
  • Purple - Academics recommended (Research)
  • Green - Diplomacy recommended (Social)
  • Red - Rapid intervention required (Speed)
  • Gold - Extraction required (Extraction)
Competition Information
Organized by
Eminent Bale Andros
Running time
2019-01-16 until 2019-02-16 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
7 subscribers, of which 2 have already participated.