Competition: [Arcona] Capital Enterprises Raid

[Arcona] Capital Enterprises Raid

Arcona is in need of supplies, and we've never been too shy about taking what we require from those who oppose our interests. In this case, the Collective, or more specifically, Capital Enterprises.

The Arconan Expeditionary Force or 'AEF' has begun raiding Capital Enterprise shipping convoys for supplies, both mundane and military. An example of this can be found in a recent report.

You have been tasked to assist the AEF with a raid. What your role is for you to decide, whether it be coordinating efforts from a capital ship or destroying Collective security droids, what you choose to do is your choice.

The mission objectives are as follows.
* First: The successful seizure of supplies.
* Second: Capture of any officers that could potentially provide intel on the Collective and lead to further raids.
* Third: Ensuring that the vessels not be destroyed, as repair costs will drain Capital Enterprises accounts, and as a wise pirate once said, 'you can't rob a dead man more than once.'

Grading will follow the Voice Fiction Rubric.

Submissions can be in .pdf or .doc, no Gdoc links nor textbox submissions will be valid for placement.

Note that winners may be asked for permission to use their entries for Arconan Clan report fiction to help advance the Clan's storyline. Please make sure at least one of your characters is involved, and writing unit groups (Battleteams, etc.) is encouraged but not required.

Most importantly, have fun!

Competition Information
Organized by
Augur Kordath Bleu
Running time
2019-01-18 until 2019-02-16 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Arcona
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
8 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Reaver Satsi Tameike Arconae
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Crappy and non action sorry but bye

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Battlemaster Magik
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