Competition: [Hoth] "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

[Hoth] "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

With the brief reprieve from our fight against the Brotherhood, House Hoth is seeking to upgrade its existing base. While the abandoned mine has been upgraded and made into a suitable HQ for our units, there are many elements which leave much to be desired. Many resources are still in short supply, even with the support of the Vatalai Empire and there are a multitude of emplacements, facilities and assets we still need. Hoth's solution is simple: We're going to steal from the Collective.

Having abandoned Nancora in a rush and with seemingly no opportunity to return there, the Collective's factories, spaceport and barracks have never been raided for salvage. Axio city was the target of the Brotherhood's assault on the world, and even in its depleted state there are more than enough raw materials and vital components to assist with improving Hoth's base of operations.

Your story will outline your character's efforts to assist the Idiot's Array and its allied smugglers in raiding the city. You will go in first, confirm the situation and then either deal with hostile threats or start pinpointing assets to pillage from the planet. This can be from Axio city, the Factory "Empusa", or even the Badlands, depending upon the story you write. What sort of opposition you might face - from Collective remnants to rival smugglers or even the elements themselves - and how you deal with them will be down to you. Keep in mind, what you find will have some impact on the greater detail behind Trepus base, and what Hoth will be able to use.


  • The use of NPCs and other characters is permitted, but please get permission to use other people's creations first. List who you are using and link their up-to-date character sheets at the top of your story.

  • Write a Fiction of at least 500 words (with no maximum word count). You are also permitted to use Legends materials, items and elements, as we are not about to penalize anyone for using the more detailed elements of the Star Wars universe.

  • Submissions must be in .DOC or .PDF file formats, no gdoc links, please, as these will not be accepted. Sending a link will be grounds for disqualification.

  • The Voice Rubric will be used to grade the entries and Clusters of Ice will be awarded as per the Voice’s Guidelines.

Competition Information
Organized by
Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane
Running time
2019-04-06 until 2019-04-23 (18 days)
Target Unit
House Hoth
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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