House Hoth

House of Clan Odan-Urr
In peace, Vigilance.
About House Hoth

Joint Task Force Hoth, one of the two Houses of Clan Odan-Urr, was created in 33 ABY. It is viewed as the Sword and Shield of Odan-Urr due to its Rapid Response Force that is the first to enter any situation that threatens Odan-Urr and the last ones out. However, many of their members have nothing to do with the Odanite military. It is home to Force Users (fully-fledged Jedi and Padawans), Mercenaries and Loyalists alike.

Hoth has its base on the planet Solyiat, where the Okami Mandalorian Clan alongside the Wookiee “Remnants” of New Tython have made their homes on separate continents. The current leaders of JTF Hoth are Commander Edgar Drachen and Lieutenant Commander Ka Tarvitz.

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