House Hoth

House Hoth
In peace, Vigilance.
House of Clan Odan-Urr
35 members
About House Hoth

House Hoth is the Sword and Shield of the Clan. It’s the bulk of the standing fighting forces (Army, Navy and Airforce) on the battlefield. Hoth Forces will be the first to enter the fight lead by its advanced unit (KoA). Hoth would work well with both FU and NFU’s a like, a force user could use their talents to help support their unit or help bring devastating combat to the battlefield. While a Non-Force User could enjoy any aspect of military life they want along with the ability to write large and small scale combat actions.

They will also be the last ones out sometimes putting themselves in harm's way to ensure the success of the mission. During the escape from New Tython it was Hoth’s forces that stood their ground against unwinnable odds to shield escaping transport and other vessels.

Hoth is the sworn defender of the Planet Solyiat a world that is best described as the hottest cold planet in the system. Its surface is either covered by a lush tropical band at the equator and thick polar and tundra region at the poles. Any life that develops here is just as sturdy and tough and the Jedi House that calls it home. Among the treasures of Solyiat are a rich and cultural scene with it’s Capital Is Brea and the system’s #1 tourist destination Baime.

We also have an Okami Mandalorians outpost here where many of their coming of age rituals take place and not to mention the Clan’s own Wookie clan “The Remnants” have made a new home for themselves within the tropical island chains of Pokora.

Hoth stands ready at a moment's notice to rush into the fray to either defend the Kiast system or strike a blow against the GM and other enemies of the clan. would be envisioned by the arrival of the Rebel fleet after the fight breaks out to support KoA and help win the fight.

PIN Rank Name
13820 Warden Kenath Zoron
7288 Warden Liam Torun-Urr
12004 Warden Celevon Edraven Erinos
13831 Augur Edgar Drachen
13560 Augur Ernordeth Puer-Irae
146 Augur Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens
6377 Augur Yuki Suoh
13830 Reaver Luna Okami
307 Colonel Mikhail Avarik
8343 Vanguard Sariel Dhejeuti
13529 Vanguard Tamashi Adaephon Delat
13090 Ranger Lu`aisha Gresee
14751 Ranger Ka Tarvitz
12656 Savant Revak Kur
13922 Savant Tisto Kingang
13401 Raider Roland Jäger
14146 Raider Seth Danner
13796 Raider Aiden Dru
7377 Peacekeeper Droveth Kathera Vectivi
8936 Mystic Kriegen VanWyck
13997 Mystic Jalen Ramz
9933 Privateer Jasper Arlow
14101 Privateer Keiji Suoh
13458 Major Livana Agrona
14171 Knight Phebe
15010 Knight Ozosi Vym
14901 Knight Ashael Blackstar
14865 Knight Plaid Sadira
13838 Yeoman Greg
15002 Acolyte Wolfe Whitehorn
14653 Sergeant Zig'Lizi
14835 Neophyte Ti-kour
14745 Neophyte Tol Kersha
15110 Runner Jack Sewet
15113 Proselyte TonyWhispers