Competition: Historical Questionnaire

Historical Questionnaire

Answer as best you can. Scoring will be based on the number correct.

Ties will be broken by earliest submission time.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Prepare for War!
Organized by
Warrior Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes
Running time
2020-05-01 until 2020-05-20 (20 days)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Seer Raistlin Sadow
Textual submission

1- Refuge
2- three shades of black
3- lions tooth
4 -Veiled Origins
5 - Auturra krill
6 - Ambria
7 - rooster walks with a careless gait that has been described as “unrefined and chaotic” with his motions being “unnatural and exaggerated”
8 - besalisks
9 - month
10 - staff of urian
11 - Taurus Mercenaries
12 - the bull
13 - return to the teachings of the general and reclaim glory or perish
14 - anniversary of the exodus
15 - the regulators

1st place
Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Textual submission

1 - Refuge
2 - Three Shades of Black
3 - Pandemonium
4 - Seng Karash Block Party
5 - Krill
6 - Ambria
7 - Rooster walks with a careless gait that has been described as “unrefined and chaotic” with his motions being “unnatural and exaggerated.
8 - Besalisks
9 - 1 month
10 - Staff of Urias Orian
11 - Taurus Mercenaries
12 - Sin and Juggernaut
13 - Your keepers have betrayed you. Stay protected. Trust in the General.
14 - The Exodus.
15 - The Regulators (though they existed in House Naga Sadow, Sapphire Squadron and Devil's Shroud.

2nd place
Knight Malevek
Textual submission

1. Refuge
2. The Collective, House Shar Dakhan soldiers were just returning from a significant battle with them. The massacre itself was done by radical extremists who warped what was said in "The General’s Commands to the Dakhan Acolytes"
3. The Lion's Tooth
4. The Veiled Origins DJB event
5. Aul Cestus
6. Ambria
7. Rooster walks with a careless gait that has been described as “unrefined and chaotic” with his motions being “unnatural and exaggerated.”
8. President Gundark of the Riders is a Besalisk
9. The event happened in 36 ABY and ended the same year. So it only lasted for a few months both in real-time and fictional.
10. The General’s Commands to the Dakhan Acolytes
11. Saber and Rooster are both gang leaders in the Three Shades of Black gang. They serve as lieutenants to Baltrog Quillan/Bulldog who serves as the “alpha” of the mercenary group, “The Taurus Merceneries”.
12. Besides Saber and Rooster there is also Essk Tsubra and Sin of the “Forsaken Tribe” and Gundark and Juggernaut of the “Riders of the Damned”. All together they for the leadership for the Three Shades of Black.
13. The letter said: Your keepers have betrayed you. Stay Protected. Trust in the General.
14. House Shar Dakhan was founded right around the same time as the Tenth Great Jedi War, The Orion Incursion, and the opening battles of the Dark Crusade.
15. The Disciples of Dakhan is a currently active sub-unit of House Shar Dakhan the following are now in-active:
Devil’s Shroud
Sapphire Squadron
The Regulators

3rd place
Battlelord Cymbre Kall
Battlelord Cymbre Kall opted out of publishing her submission.
4th place