Competition: Clearing the Streets

Clearing the Streets

Two high profile Collective agents are fleeing Seng Karash . They were last seen on the Pandemonium docks. Intel reports they are regrouping with prominent gangsters possibly backed by the Collective. Assets on location report weapons and supplies being loaded onto transports bound for Kel Rasha.

We have limited resources on the ground in Kel Rasha, any Intel is imperative to our success. Surely tensions are high within the city stemming from our return. Civilian casualties and collateral damage must be kept to a minimum.

Discovering who is facilitating this push against us is essential. Recouping our supplies and stopping this threat is a priority. The following options are open for your mission, the choice is yours to make:


Option I: Recruitment: Scout out the Pandemonium resort, hack the secure database to retrieve financials, identify who is working for who. Track supplies and targets to Kel Rasha, and intercept the exchange. Sway these vermin that resistance is futile, only by aligning with us will they survive.

Option II: Elimination: Intercept and secure targets and supplies. Leave no prisoners by exterminating our rival(s). Disrupt supply exchange, terminating any resurgence against us. How loud of a statement is required and how far are you willing to go to make it?

In no less than 500 words, design a story of your Main/Alt Character(s), engaging with these insurgents. Is the Collective being backed by an unknown source? Are they recruiting citizens and using them as shields? Will you engage these targets solo, or will you lead a strike team to eliminate? Regardless of affiliation, your mission is of your own design! Standard Fiction Rubric will be used for grading. The top three placements receive Crescents (according to Voice guidelines) and the 1st-3rd placement will acquire points towards the Parent Comp!

1st - 3 pts 2nd - 2 pts 3rd - 1 pt Participation - 1 pt

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Prepare for War!
Organized by
Warlord Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu
Running time
2020-04-29 until 2020-05-20 (22 days)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
2 subscribers, of which 1 has participated.
Seer Raistlin Sadow
Textual submission

Underneath Pandaemonium
2300 hours

“And you knew about this... how?” Raist heard over the comm in his helmet as he and his strike team navigated narrow sewage tunnels

He was tempted not to respond, but his ego got the best of him “You I know I built this place, right?” Raistlin asked. He didn’t expect an answer nor did he get one.

The team was approaching the Pandaemonium docks and rather then wait, Raistlin decided to go in, strike hard and get the supplies needed for HSD. The strike team was 5 members not including himself, two humans, a Devaronian, a Rodian, and someone who was clad in armor, she came from a species Raistlin had not seen before. Unfortunately he didn’t learn their names nor did he have time to ask, but they were hand picked by Malisane to assist him in his task. He code names the two humans the twins, the Devaronian was just Dev, the Rodian was Snout and the Armored mystery woman was Fort. True to their backing, none of them complained and so far, they seemed every bit the part Malisane had advertised.

Raistlin as point lead held his hand up to freeze the group. They immediately brought blaster rifles up and fanned out to take cover and check angles. The Seer motioned upward, and using the small light he had installed in his helmet, illuminated where they would be exiting. Though it was easily 8 feet above Raistlin’s head, he paused briefly and leapt into the air, his head coming within inches of what looked to be a manhole covering. With laser precision and accuracy he ignited his lightsaber and cut around the hole, neatly creating a sufficient opening as both he and the grate dropped to the ground. The grate would have made more noise, had the Seer not slowed it’s decent back down

Methodically and with minor aid from the Force he boosted every one of the members of his team up to the ground level as he went last. Once above ground the team immediately found cover to survey their surroundings

The docks of Pandaemonium were made to house large vessels, so the small 30 foot personal craft that was housed there was almost wide open. From Raist’s quick scan he guessed about two dozen or so hostiles of different species. They were working rapidly so he knew their departure was most likely imminent. They had to act fast.

He clicked on comms. “Two teams, twins with me, rest of you left side, swim underneath them and come out up top, I’m going top side to draw fire for the rest of you. Any questions?” Raist asked. They looked at him crazily, as if he was singlehandedly going to wade into dozens of soldiers, but he smiled “Then let’s dance.” He said and immediately broke into a run

The two teams quickly submerged and began two swim around as the Seer ignited his green lightsaber and charged. Raistlin’s speed was such that he was on the dock before the first blaster bolt was fired. He parried it and two more before ducking behind a set of crates. He popped up momentarily to throw his lightsaber like a boomerang, it raced around, decaptiating two hiding pirates before returning to his outstretched hand.

Raist sprung ahead. Five more pirates were ready for him and greeted him with a wall of blaster fire that he narrowly avoided by diving off the dock and grabbing on as he almost fell underneath. He flung himself back up and with incredible quickness drew his blaster pistol, every shot true, felling one opponent, then two.

The suppressing fire against him was increasing exponentially every second and he felt the odds turning against him. Just as he was was about to spring into an all out assault, the rest of his strike team popped out from the water.

The pirates lasted less then a minute caught in cross fire and taken completely unaware. They were mowed down with only one injury, a bolt nailing the Rodian in the leg, forcing him to need medical attention. Rather then wait, Raistlin kneeled down and through the Force, was able to calm his pain and heal his wound to the point of stabilizing the limb.

He quickly checked the boat to find the supplies, and sure enough, loaded into the cargo hold was military grade hardware and technology.

Raist commed Malisane “Mission accomplished, get a transport here for exfil.” With that he began dragging the supplies to the deck as they waited for their ride home. Not too shabby today.

1st place