Competition: DarkHawk Down

DarkHawk Down

A worrying report has been received that Pro Consul Takagari "DarkHawk" KoyaRu has failed to return from a secret diplomatic mission for the Clan. The last recorded position of his unmarked shuttle was in an unknown system which scans record as having one planet with a breathable atmosphere. He is believed to have crashed and his current status is unknown. Intelligence is unable to determine any data regarding the environment or population of the planet and caution is advised.

Because of the sensitive nature of DarkHawk's mission it is not possible to conduct a full scale search of the area and the Shar Dakhan Quaestor has ordered a single House member to partake in a search and rescue mission to subtly retrieve the Pro Consul and any sensitive materials or data he was carrying. As the member selected you may take any NPC or Alts with you, and if necessary may use a small force of the House military so long as they do not draw attention.

Entries must be 500 words or more with no maximum. Bonus clusters will be awarded for every 500 words. You will have to use either your Main, Alt, and/or NPCs in this competition. A snapshot of the character you use for the story will be required when you submit your fiction. If you are using other DB members, please submit their character sheet link in the submission text box.

Acceptable formats are .doc, .docx, .pdf. The DB Fiction Rubric will be used to select winners.

Competition Information
Organized by
Battlelord Malisane Sadow
Running time
2020-07-19 until 2020-08-08 (21 days)
Ends in
4 days (2020-08-08 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
House Shar Dakhan
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
3 subscribers, of which 1 has already participated.