House Shar Dakhan

House of Clan Naga Sadow
For all things, a Time and Place. For all people, a Price.
About House Shar Dakhan

Shar Dakhan is one of two Houses of Clan Naga Sadow. The House's area of responsibility includes Aeotheran and Inos.

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PIN Rank Name
4856 Adept Macron Goura Sadow
97 Adept Malik Sadow
10407 Adept Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
8075 Warlord Etah Obsidyn
6169 Warlord Malisane Sadow
114 Augur Raistlin Sadow
164 Battlelord Jades A Sadow
14029 Savant Scarlet Agna
15036 Warrior Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes
14320 Mystic Kristeva
15695 Knight Rivio Rosan
10545 Knight Jinius Griffin
15525 Acolyte Quentinshadows
16317 Neophyte Rosh Athan
16414 Apprentice Var Zarr