Competition: Create-a-Village: Celeste

Create-a-Village: Celeste

Selen is a diverse planet of many islands, and among the major cities like Estle, Naruba, Celeste, Korda, and Zainab, there exist a plethora of towns and villages that dot the planet’s surface. It’s time to explore and expand our understanding of this world, and that of the people that live in it.

Celeste, in particular, is a unique place located at the bottom of the Niraya ocean, with most of its property owners working and equally living in nearby Naruba City on the nearest coast. While other, smaller underwater settlements would be much too costly to maintain, there are still many other coastal villages surrounding Celeste and many people who make the Niraya ocean basin their home, from the fishing and weaving tribes on the tiniest of islets to the resort-centric islands like Atolli to the seafaring colonies of Selenians that mainly stay on the ocean's surface itself. All these settlements contribute to Celeste in some way, or have their lives impacted by the undersea high-life of the city.

Using this map, make a mark where your settlement or populace is located or known to be found, and bring it to life! Give it a name, describe the settlement's physical structures and layout, its population — the people, their culture, their numbers — and their relation to Celeste. Some things to keep in mind:

  • These settlements should be reasonably sized and able in the context of their location, functioning, etc. A village is unlikely to have thousands of workers who are all trained soldiers. Population size is also dependent upon lifestyle. Example: a farming town on a mainland will have more people than a very small island of hunter gatherers.
  • Settlements need not be of Selenian people, as Selen has seen its own share of off-world emigration from its major ports like Estle City and Ol'Val, but should still detail ways of life fitting to Selen. Example: a fishing village with several Nautolans and Twi'leks and Selenians and Humans all living together.
  • Settlements need not be beholden to Arcona or any other Selenian governments, and may very well have their own leaders and ways of life. Isolated peoples may be radically different than those who have mingled with other cultures amidst the influences of intergalactic travel. Keep diversity in mind! Example: a small boating community may never have even heard of the Citadel, nor the Force as it is known to Jedi and Sith.

Submission & Grading

  • Entries will textually describe their locale in detail, giving at minimum: physical description of the inhabited area(s); business conducted within the venue; and general details concerning populace. Additional art may be provided as reinforcing material or a guide, but will not be used in the grading process.
  • Preferred submission is PDF format, but Word docs and text-box submissions will also be accepted. Google Doc links will NOT be accepted.
  • The top three placements will be awarded Third Level Crescents. Due to the nature of the competition, Clusters of Ice and/or Graphite will not be awarded for entries.
  • Regardless of placement, entries may be eventually included on the DJB wiki. Note that participation does not guarantee inclusion of the locale to the database.
Competition Information
Parent Competition
Selen Development Project 2.0 - Celeste
Organized by
Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, Reaver Qyreia Arronen
Running time
2020-11-15 until 2020-12-27 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Arcona
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Seer Tali Sroka
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1st place
Savant Sera Kaern
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Lu Veixe, The Lost Village.pdf
2nd place
Courier Zuza Lottson
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3rd place
Mystic Aru Law
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Selen Village.docx
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