Competition: The Ceremony

The Ceremony


"Da-da-da-da, da-dum-da-da, la-la-la-something-something--BY THE FORCE! WHAT WAS THAT? HE JUST SHOT SOMEBODY! Oh, no, it was such a beautiful ceremony, too! Stupid wedding crashers, always foiling things with murder mysteries and sacrifices! Did anyone see what happened? Did you? Well, tell us, for kark's sake already!"

That's right, someone at the ceremony's been murdered! This little "who-done-it" is all up to you: who was killed (Strat volunteered, but to each their own), who did it, and how, why? And, more importantly, what happens when you ruin a wedding of a whole bunch of cranky Dark Jedi, including two Force-wielding bridezillas and their very protective families?


Use the site or any document/pdf file.


Third level crescents rewarded. Minimum 250 words, maximum 5000. Have at it!

Competition Information
Parent Competition
A Completely Trustworthy Arconan Wedding
Organized by
Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, Warlord Socorra
Running time
2013-12-07 until 2013-12-21 (15 days)
Target Unit
Clan Arcona
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
7 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Battlemaster Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj
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1st place
General Stres'tron'garmis
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Textual submission

My submission.

2nd place
Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj opted out of publishing his submission.
3rd place
Knight Lexi Sarden
Textual submission

The shots of a blast range out and the groom of bridezilla one was dead, The two families jumped to there feet there were the hissing sounds of a lightsaber coming on and before anyone could say anything someone had cut the killer down before anyone could interrogate him. The robed figure from the brides side just stood over the body. Then the accusation came loud and clear from the grooms side.

"You did that on purpose," said one of the bridezilla family members. Before anyone could say anything there were sabers and blaster bolts everywhere, the dark jedi friends of the groom were battling bridezilla ones family and soon a stay blaster bolt killed bridezilla two's father. The lightning flew, the sabers sizzled, and they joined the fray.

Before anyone knew it everyone on both sides of the two bridezilla's were dead except for bridezilla two who had done nothing but watch everything that just happened. Just as the last of the wedding party expired. Bridezilla two reached up and tore off her fake face and underneath was Ean Hunt (que mission impossible music). He pulls out his holo communicator and it comes to life. A dark robed figure appears:

"Is it done?" the robed figure asked.

"yes it is all dead and accounted for." said Ean.

"Good." the black robed figure said as he disappeared. "This holo device will self" BOOM and Ean was blown in two.

What? this is a dark side story get over it they all died.

PRT Lexi Sarden (Sith) / Battle Team Dark Forge of House Galeres of Clan Arcona [SA: I]
{SA: DPE - DPV} PIN 13739

4th place