Competition: The head of the snake

The head of the snake


Alpha's Omega is an illusive organization. No one truly knows what their leader looks like or what his true story is. He is a mystery for many, and for now, even you.


Any text editor.


Create a short biography, similar to any wiki article we have, of an officer in the Alpha's omega mercenary group. He/She can be of any race and background. Images (with links to the owner) are a bonus but not entirely necessary.

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Competition Information
Parent Competition
Knights of Allusion Season 3: Encroaching Shadows
Organized by
Master V'yr Vorsa, Vanguard Kah Manet
Running time
2014-01-06 until 2014-01-20 (15 days)
Target Unit
Battle Team Knights Of Allusis
Competition Type
Downgraded Fifth Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
A deleted dossier
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Savant Sa Ool
Savant Sa Ool
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3rd place
Warden Liam Torun-Urr
Textual submission

|type= NPC
|firstname= Benjamin
|homeworld=Nal Hutta
|birth=1000 BBY
|gender=Hermaphrodite - Male leanings
|height=6 Meters
|weight=453 kg
|era=[[Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era]]
|affiliation=[[Alpha's Omega]]
|ship=''Sidewalk Sally'' - CR90 Corvette

'''Benjamin Buttertwat''' is a Hutt of low esteem, banished from his Clan and from Hutt space for the transgression of eating his direct superior without permission from his Cartel bosses. Now a gritty pirate and a mercenary, he commands the CR90 Corvette ''Sidewalk Sally'' and her crew of miscreants and misfits, fighting in space for [[Alpha's Omega]].


Born to a lower Cartel clan and working his way up through the criminal world, Benjamin was nobody special, serving his superiors for centuries before having the luck to win the Kantooinian lottery. With his winnings, he had his first true taste of wealth, but after he burned through them inside of a month he could only grovel and scrape for richer Hutts. Infuriated after one such Hutt made him take the overweight dancer girl, Benjamin defeated his superior in a crushing match before going on to eat more than three-quarters of his body. For this transgression, he was exiled.

Drifting for awhile, Buttertwat was captured by pirates onboard a passenger liner, where the pirate captain - an affiliate of Alpha's Omega - tried to shoot him. His corpulent body absorbed the shots with minimal damage, and Buttertwat would defend himself by eating the Captain alive. The other pirates saw this and, not wanting to become Hutt droppings themselves, surrendered.

Benjamin Buttertwat would go on to become a successful raider, beneath the banner of Alpha's Omega.

== Physical Description ==

Benjamin is a Hutt, shorter than most but immensely fat. His body drips slime, drags on the ground, and is often bedecked in burst and torn articles of stolen clothing he enjoys wearing. He is known to made sliding noises and to clatter when he moves, as he bedecks himself in the electrum chains of wealthy targets. Finally, eschewing a platform to sit upon, he is known to act as the seat for his stable of slave girls, whom he will always be seen with and will occasionally eat in his sleep.

== Skills and Abilities ==

Slow but huge, Buttertwat has his species' immense strength and is capable of bursts of speed that catch his foes off-guard. Though he can use a blaster rifle like a pistol, his real power is in surviving multiple blaster shots as he bum-rushes enemies, either crushing them beneath his girth or eating them whole. He'll often do this to their belongings and loved ones as well, earning him quite the reputation.

== Trivia ==

- Benjamin was created by Liam Torun to motivate his members, and took approximately fifteen minutes to conceptualize and create. It's this easy, guys.

- Liam named him to get a chuckle out of Kah. Hope it worked.

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4th place