Competition: Dark Side Adept Cult Leader Visits

Dark Side Adept Cult Leader Visits

Platform: writing and fiction.

Ondur is a loyal middle-man assigned to provide this own assignment to select few who match various parameters.

A mysterious and unusually average leader in a strange Dark Force Adept cult visits you. On taking due diligence, they have visited others in The Brotherhood and appear to be unofficially, possibly illegally, invited by an unknown member of several Houses. They seem to mean no harm to the Brotherhood, and especially uninterested in joining. They still have lieutenants and members wandering among the various Houses and Clans, wishing to learn tidbits and even sometimes what seems to be useless information.

Though they religiously, literally, follow all of our regulations and have made no overt attempts to bring harm to the Brotherhood.

Who is this leader, are they one of several? A huge galaxy spanning cult.. or scattered among several systems and planets? Possibly even a confederation that came to the same revelations despite being from different sectors.

In short write about the leaders as far as you want to go, same with the cult itself. Regardless of the questions asked above, the cult IS united even if not of one mind and may have factions. If they are a confederacy, remember they still have the same revelation and doctrine at least generally.

A few typically unconsidered questions worth answering are provided when submitted to the competition.

The writing style must be profile style. Don't ask for specifics, just go with your feelings on the formatting. It can be pure text. Anything else like graphics are extras and will be given consideration but not preference. Think of it as what an intelligence agency would create to profile and brief others on a given organization/cult/person/etc.

Competition Information
Organized by
Knight Ondur Lkaetur, Prophet Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
Running time
2014-06-28 until 2014-07-19 (22 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents
11 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Reaver Mauro "Baron" Wynter
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1st place
Adept Kell Palpatine Dante
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2nd place
Battlelord Lucyeth
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DJK Lucyeth

3rd place