Competition: Path of the Force: In Your Mind's Eye

Path of the Force: In Your Mind's Eye


How does the Force appear to you? Everyone has their own idea of how the Force looks, how it interacts with objects. Does your character perceive things like Daredevil, or perhaps you pluck at the strings of a vast tapestry, or maybe something different entirely? With the guidance of the Loremaster, we will discover the truth of your sight.


Word processing programs (Word, Google Docs, etc)


Write a small fiction describing your character immersing themselves in the Force and how they perceive the Force around them. Minimum 250 word fiction, please ensure all submitted fiction is done in .doc or .rtf format.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Loremaster Series
Organized by
Augur Methyas L'eonheart
Running time
2014-07-06 until 2014-08-02 (28 days)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents
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