Competition: Forgery



Exhausted, rattled and with a head full of ache, you open your eyes to see the pitch black shroud of darkness that you are laying in. You cannot tell much, only that the floor is cold metal, that you have some sort of fabric around you, and that this is not your home. Before you can make out whether or not this is a safe area, a warmth rises against the metal you are sitting on, with a strong scent of sulphur. Your mind is already telling you that this is not good as a sharp shiver travels up your spine, giving a cold breeze against your skin. As you explore this impending mystery with your palms sweeping and tugging on the floor, you hear a very soft wheezing situated opposite you. The slit of an unknown light falls down onto the source and a cloaked being sits there, wheezing and sliding down the wall. Before your fears or curiosity can overtake logic, the being’s arm quickly reaches out to support it, revealing the ash-stained hand that is symbol to Dark Forge.

I wish to start off a storyline here that everyone is invited to take part of, the above paragraph is just part of the prologue you are going to write. It is going to start the introduction of the new Battle Team, Dark Forge, and how they collaborate themselves back into the society of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In this scene and around half an hour in fiction time, that room will be over 4000 kelvin. You need to escape with that member, who could be anyone of the Dark Forge team. So in no less than 500 words, use your creativity to make the story following this paragraph.


Fiction. Acceptable to proof in all formats.

Competition Information
Organized by
Seer Lexiconus Qor, Battlelord Xathia Ortega
Running time
2014-08-08 until 2015-04-30 (9 months)
Target Unit
Clan Arcona
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
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