Competition: Entanglement: Glory to the Old Gods

Entanglement: Glory to the Old Gods
  • Details: There is a long history in the Cocytus System of worship of many different Gods, thousands of years old, passed down from generation to generation in many forms. One of those forms, is the written word.

  • How to submit: Write a poem that is at least 20 lines long. Format of the poem is open. It is to be as written by an unknown author about the glory of the Old Gods. Submissions should be in a word format (.doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf). Anything written in a GoogleDoc needs to be exported or pasted in the submission box.

  • How it will be graded: Grading will be done based on how well it portrays the Old Gods and highlights their glory, as well as spelling and overall flow of the chosen poem format.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Forgotten: Entanglement
Organized by
Grand Master Evant Taelyan, Eminent Idris Adenn
Running time
2015-04-04 until 2015-04-28 (25 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
9 subscribers, of which 5 have participated.
Adept Kell Palpatine Dante
Textual submission

Ode to the Lords of Nature

Skies above overflow with prayers from below
Upward go our askance to the six
Answers we await with patience for the flow
Of abundant blessings towards our mix.

To the lord who rules the sky
Control of the weather and the winds
We ask for fair winds to fly
Crops straight instead of with bends.

From the dirt another lord arises
Fields and animals all abound
Over everything all shapes and sizes
Of all that is found and un-found.

Flowing around the planet and in the air
Covering the oceans and the lakes
Without this liquid we would not well fare
Keep it safe for all our sakes

Yellow and extremely bright
In the darkness of space was found
Without which ever a light
Would have graced the ground

The Lords that rule over all
Trouble has founds its way here
Please hear our call
With you all we have none to fear.

1st place
Savant Mayda Ferium
Savant Mayda Ferium opted out of publishing her submission.
2nd place
Warlord Mauro Wynter
Textual submission

The fury of the Gods is known
Their anger and hatred blessed
To the adherents embracing pain
Always endeavor to obey
Or else the righteous hammer falls

Tigre, mother of all above
As below and shall ever be
Devoured worlds and souls alike
Till the end of days shall she burn
Those who do not hold sway

Baalgren, the Sword of Vengeance
Death to those who do not believe
Only in submission will freedom be
Yet the most powerful of them all
Loves Baalgren as son indeed

Mazdek, Father Light!
Ruler of the sun and stars
Holy are your powers
To control all that exists
Ever and ever to the end

3rd place
Battlemaster Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen
File submission
No placement
Battlelord Lucyeth
File submission
Textual submission

SW Lucyeth

No placement