Competition: In the Shadows

In the Shadows

Cethgus has been hiding in the shadows for a while now, unseen by most but the plots and the threads that he needed to cause doubt and rumors to spread. Those rumors have spread that there is a traitor among the Sons of Sadow, but which one is it. Time has shown that there have been traitors among the ranks before but do they continue to this day?

Competition Information
Organized by
Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar
Running time
2015-07-14 until 2015-07-28 (15 days)
Target Unit
Clan Naga Sadow
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
5 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Warlord Bentre Sadow
File submission
1st place
Seer Lexiconus Qor
Textual submission

**The Red Empire,**
**39 ABY**

Nestled deep within the circumference of the glistening city of Mymidion, sat the oval building of a cantina. The windows were rounded and alcoved outwards, as stripes of red and yellow plaited around the edges. The door painted a rusty red tint, remained closed at all times as it is known some wildlife find refuge inside buildings on the outer edge of the city. Hanging from the top of the door was a golden eagle with it’s wings spread wide and it’s steel eyes glaring outwards, as if to ward off enemies of the owners and customers alike. Inside the customers seemed quite relaxed, leaning back in their booths with smoke surrounding them and their drinks. In the far corner and where the bar met the last booth, a soldier-type character sat in silence with his drink whilst a wookiee sat with him. They both exchanged looks of both worry and paranoia, but not necessarily directed at each other. Between them was a hologram repeating the same images over and over again, the Falleen Sith Lord declaring his knowledge unto the summit and then disappearing. Known to be the most honest of the two, Daedric placed his drink down and studied the hologram more intently, his eyes scanning for obscurities.

“Surely there’s got to be a holographic device somewhere? He was never invited nor told of the summit’s meeting location.” Daedric grumbled out, his fist clenching the drink in frustration.

*Perhaps, but he is an Elder. Maybe he got into Armad or Tasha’s mind without their consent?* Wrooshuu telepathically replied, as he knew Daedric was unable to understand his language.

“I think it’s a load of rubbish and it’s a test from Locke. He’s a dodgy Krath and that’s enough reason for me.” Daedric slammed his drink down and instantly regretted his response, as he took a glance around in order to watch for peekers.

*Calm yourself! We are talking about treason in the highest form here. And let’s not forget I am a Krath too! Not that your opinion offends me, it’s quite true. But that is beyond the point, where do we search for this evidence? Vexatus has far more rights in research and buildings than we do. This is including Locke.* Wrooshuu lectured on into Daedrics mind, as the soldier
continued to look around the cantina in a panic.

“Staying here won’t help our cause. Let’s try the Temple on Sepros, snoop around with the *Consul’s Approval* and get some answers. Then we can put an end to this conspiracy and treason.” Daedric ordered, his fist tightened as his smirk did so.

The Wookiee nodded in response, finished his pint glass of port and stood from the booth. Daedric was quick to twist out and lead the way towards the exit, when Wrooshuu’s gaze was captured by the whispers of two soldiers sitting by a window. Their whispers mentioned an Iridonian being on the planet and causing trouble, not like a traditional Iridonian and painted in black. The Wookiee only knew of one such as that, it did not settle well with Wrooshuu of the idea that his superior was on this planet and investigating. The Inquisitor prodded his Sergeant and connected with his mind once more as they exited the cantina and onto the quiet street of cargo boxes and speeders lined next to the cantina.

*Did you hear those soldiers inside? They were discussing the arrival of Cethgus onto the planet. Where there is the Proconsul…*

“The Consul is surely to be in his protection, I know this. If we meet them halfway, we can ask about the rumour of the Sith Lord and get to the bottom of this. Let’s head to Seng.” Daedric quickly interrupted the Wookiee’s thoughts and lead the way to his own transport.

*Seng Karash,*
*39 ABY*

As the cruiser glided over the thick, grey walls that cast a gloomy shadow over the miner’s city capital, the pair could spot the Consul’s private transport arriving at the citadel for the House. The scanners automatically picked up the signal, and Daedric programmed the shuttle to follow the transport by command. Ascending to the high edges of the hill, the citadel came into light and the darkness was erased away from the transport’s windows as the cruiser finally stopped and landed. The ramp from the shuttle carefully lowered from the transport belly and the pair were met by the displeased faces of Cethgus and Locke themselves.

“Gentlemen, why are you following us? Is there something you wish to report, Sergeant?” Locke ordered to the Sith, as his arms were crossed firmly and Cethgus slowly rested his hands on his lightsabers.

In a panic Daedric quickly dropped to one knee on the ramp and lowered his head in a sign of complete devotion and loyalty to his Clan.

“Sirs, I was merely coming to yourselves in order to resolves some lies and rumours being spread. You firsthand statement will surely destroy them and I wish it so.” Daedric quickly and clearly replied without moving, Wrooshuu kept his distance as he watched in curiosity.

“Daedric get off your knees I’m not your master. What ‘lies’ and ‘rumours’ could you possibly be talking about today?” The Epis quickly replied and forced the Sergeant up by his arms.

“Sirs, I am talking about the rumours of Darth Vexatus showing himself at your meeting and declaring an end to this clan. It scares the younger members into…”

“...There is no evidence of Vexatus actually being at the meeting, nor is he going to destroy this clan by himself. We all stand together against this and nothing will come of it, understand?” Cethgus interrupted Daedric quickly, his eyes glaring directly into the Sergeant’s stare, who could only nod in reply.

“Daedric, return to your city with Bentre and that Wookiee. When we find something more concrete about Vexatus, you’ll be one of the first to know.” Locke continued from Cethgus, then turned and proceeded to enter the Citadel.

“That’s an order, Sergeant. Return to your team, now.” The Iridonian extended with a venom, and quickly followed his Consul.

Feeling a mixture of disappointment, anger and sadness, Daedric turned to the Wrooshuu and patted his arm before walking back into the shuttle. The Wookiee followed his Sergeant in curiosity and closed the ramp on the terminal.

*So that’s it? No protest or answers from them? They are definitely covering something up, I know it! Locke hid something in his mind from me, a vision of his past.* Wrooshuu questioned, as he sat on the bench.

“I think he was, it was as if the ordeal was personal to him. We won’t find out from them, but from Vexatus. There’s a lot to be answered and only the *Oracle’s Apprentice* has the answers.” Daedric nodded in agreement to the Wookiee’s thoughts and ordered the droid to set off in their quest. One that was littered with treason and betrayal, but also justice and revelations.

2nd place