Event Details

Event ID
Professional Brandon Tarsus
Old Rank
Acolyte (Novitiate 4)
New Rank
Protector (Journeyman 1)
Requested by
Augur Windos
Primary reason

Brandon Tarsus, you continue to impress. You're growing more competent each day and you will surely rival the Dark Council when the time is right. You have met the requirements for promotion, and a recommendation has be filed. Your accomplishments include:

  • Start working on Character History on the Wiki
  • Participate in 3 competitions (currently 3/3: Feed my Sushi Cat, Afterlife, Jungle Madness)
  • Have an approved character sheet on record
  • Logon to IRC and visit Clan channel
  • Pass 8 Shadow Academy courses from the (Journeyman Hall) department(s) (currently 9/8: Advancement Survey, Essentials 1: History, Essentials 3: Paths & Orders, Essentials 4: Ranks, Essentials 5: Organization, DJBWiki: An Introduction, Vendetta 1: Foundation, Vendetta 2: Submission, Vendetta 3: Fiction and Graphics Tips)

I will continue to watch your progress, Brandon Tarsus, but my direct intervention in your promotions must come to an end.

You will go far within this Brotherhood.

May the Force guide you, Protector,

CCL Solari Headmaster

Augur Windos, 2013-10-01 02:17:41 UTC