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Grand Master Darth Pravus
Amethyst Kukri
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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
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Sarin, along with all of his other responsibilities as Voice, is the glue that holds the Dark Crusade together. Without his fiction prompts and back-story for each planet the vendetta would be nothing but a series of bland, disjointed, events. A fictional Sith planet with only a one line blurb on the Wookieepeida is no hurdle, as Sarin expertly fills the gaps, makes the planets interesting and makes the membership want to fight for them.

As busy as the Crusade has kept him, he still find time to help out those who approach him. In my experience he’s been instrumental in making sure that fiction I post in reports is not going to encroach on office Brotherhood story-lines or cannon. His deep knowledge in this area means these types of queries are answered nearly instantly, meaning that the pieces can be pushed on into editing and refining quicker than they otherwise would have.

Sarin, you’re one of the greatest assets the Brotherhood has, the lifeblood of the Crusade and a good friend. I’m proud to say that I work alongside you and I admire and envy your drive, dedication and skill.

Solari, Headmaster

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Sarin/Pravus has been on the collective Dark Council since my appointment to Praetor of the Headmaster way back when. Since then, he has been at the forefront of nearly every major change in recent Brotherhood history, and putting aside his retirement from Grand Master to come back and hold several Council level positions. The most recent of which, has been his term as the Brotherhood's Voice. Since his elevation to the leader of all Brotherhood fiction, we have seen a seamless transition from past models of operation, into a new direction that brings a fresh and well desired take on official fiction. His creation of Dark Crusade planets alone have been fabulous and extremely detailed while not compromising content. His grading has also been crucial, with his fiction marks reaching into the several of hundreds of entries. He is a beast, and I am sincerely glad to see him awarded for these feats. Congratulations!

Taigikori Aybara, Justicar

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Sarin's time as Voice has not just been defined in the vast amount of fictions which he has prepared for each round of the crusade, or even the in depth intelligence briefs with target profiles for each individual planet. While he could have done only those things and still been a very successful Dark Councilor he chose to go a step further.

Recognizing that there was a gap between the graders expectations and members perception of those expectations he published rubrics that would be used while grading fiction entries, providing transparency to the process as a whole. He continued by showcasing examples of high quality Fiction entries and, more recently, Battleplans for members to reference and learn from. These references have been consistently updated with the newest entries as the Crusade has progressed. In the midst of all of these activities he continued guiding and assisting the Combat Master with the ACC recreation, character sheets, and probably a few other things that Mav has in the works that most of us haven't heard of just yet. So far all of these products from the ACC are looking fantastic.

I couldn't be happier that I have the opportunity to write this supporting recommendation for a great friend and mentor. Congratulations Matt, well done sir.

Valhavoc, Fist of the Brotherhood

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The fact that I'm not a great recommendation writer is not a very well kept secret. Hence, I will leave it to my fellow councilors to elaborate on the contributions made by Sarin that make the Brotherhood a better place. I will let the volume and quantity of these recommendations speak for itself, and only add that I wholeheartedly agree this AK is very well deserved. Congratulations, Sarin!

James L. Entar, Seneschal

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Rewards for members like Pravus (Sarin) are difficult because they have everything in the club already. After a decade of service to the Brotherhood, they often have two of everything. But there is a good reason for this: Members like Sarin work and work hard on behalf of us all.

Since assuming the duties of the Voice of the Brotherhood, Sarin has worked diligently not only from within his office but outside it as well. He has overseen the development of the new character sheets, the Antei Combat Center restructuring, and the new Lightsaber Guide. He helped develop the new fiction rubric, created a DJB Nova Library to showcase winning fiction entries, created and guided a very successful club-wide run-on, as well as having written over 10 pages of official fiction.

As one of the co-organizers of the Dark Crusade, Sarin has been indispensable to Muz and I as he has readily taken on additional responsibilities both within the realm of fiction and outside it. He has read and scored over 500 pages of member submitted fiction. He has also helped to create, edit, and score events outside his normal department.

Beyond all this however, what I appreciate and respect most in Sarin's work is that I know without a doubt if I need something to get done (regardless of what it is) I can count on him to get it done and get it done on-time. This is a trait in Dark Councilors worth its weight in gold. And when presented as consistently and devotedly as it is with Sarin, it needs to be recognized and rewarded.

Sarin, please accept this small token of appreciation for all that you do on behalf of a grateful Brotherhood.

-Raken, Deputy Grand Master

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It has always been a challenge to pick the right person for a Job on the DC. There's a need for so many things that it becomes more and more of a wishlist with each moment. We need someone who can work with the rest of the team, someone who has ideas and a vision for the way that things could be, the intelligence to draw a map on how to get there, and the work ethic to get to that point. It's now no surprise that Pravus (Sarin) has all of that. After he stepped down from DGM a few years ago due to real life, and took some time off from leading, there were several concerns about him coming back to the full time Big Show. Complaints about recycling leaders circulated. Concerns about his brash attitude surfaced. Forgotten to many was the man who could help to build a team of all-stars. Lost to most was the man who led from the trenches, getting his hands filthy to show the rest of the club how it was done.

I remembered. We needed him, even if not all of us knew it.

Pravus has been indispensible in the formation of crusade events. He has been the point man on crafting the backstory, filling in the details and the objectives from the sweeping broad strokes that Raken he and I worked out, from what sparse details were to be found in sourcebooks and on the wookieepedia. He dove into the grading like a madman, getting a huge amount of grading done before our already fast team has even had a chance to dig into it, helping draw down our turnaround time to utterly spoiled levels when compared to those 'good old days'. And that is just on the crusade, my insane idea of a massive vendetta. He's also run hard at the ACC rebuild, he's been working hard with us on building the next GJW, and on myriad other projects that i dare not whisper the names of for fear of delaying their release.

The Amethyst Kukri is awarded for outstanding service for a specific project. For his contributions to the success of the project, for the blood, sweat and tears he has poured into making my hare brained idea that almost killed us into something that many will talk about for years. For doing it even though he knows he can never get promoted again. For his love of the brotherhood.

At our level, that's what keeps us running so hard. Please accept this token from us, and our thanks. Your work means a lot to the Brotherhood, to the Dark Council, to me.

Thanks again,

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2013-10-03 01:48:01 UTC