Event Details

Event ID
Knight Cello
Old Rank
Jedi Hunter (Journeyman 3)
New Rank
Dark Jedi Knight (Journeyman 4)
Requested by
Grand Master Darth Nehalem
Primary reason

Cello has over the past 5 years has earned not only many competition and merit awards for his service to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood but also shown an an interest to studies and learning more to further develop as a productive member. He has seen multiple masters set forth a plan for his trials and leave before they could be completed, this past summer he approached again looking for someone to look into his past and put together a new path to help him finally complete the trials he has started so many times and ran a competition seeking support for completing his lightsaber which was just finished (summit assigned task). In the time I have spent discussing the Dark Jedi Brotherhood with Cello and getting to know him, I found someone passionate about his character and the future with a genuine interest in doing more with the limited time he has given his real life obligations. All that he has accomplished is clearly outlined in his past, but I feel it is long overdue given his long past that he finally wield his lightsaber and join his fellow brothers in Scholae Palatinae in our future endeavors. Congratulations Cello and looking forward to our many adventures together as Dark Jedi.

Grand Master Darth Nehalem, 2013-10-16 19:27:47 UTC
Additional reasons

It’s proof of Cello’s determination and persistence that he has stuck it out over the 5 years he’s spent as a Jedi Hunter. Throughout multiple masters and real life concerns, he has: organised 4 competitions, passed 2 leadership exams, participated in and placed in many competitions, earned Mavens in Philosophy and General History, and earned 2 Dark Crosses.
I think there have been very few times when a promotion to Knighthood has been as well deserved, but sometimes the hard work makes the reward all the sweeter. Congratulations Cello, I look forward to seeing where your DB career takes one as determined as you.

Savant Koryn Palpatine Thraagus, 2013-10-16 16:57:56 UTC

It sometimes takes much longer to become a Dark Jedi Knight than we would wish; often due to the factors, which are beyond our control. During my time in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, I have seen Cello doing his best to fulfill the last requirments for the rank of the Dark Jedi Knight, despite unfavourable real life circumstances.

Now, I am glad to see that Cello has completed all requirements to become a fully trained Dark Jedi Knight. His achievements have already been described, so I just want to say that it is a great moment both in life of a Dark Jedi Brotherhood member and our community to cheer for someone's success, especially such important as becoming a Knight. Let this recommendation be my small token of appreciation for Cello's persistence, hard work and dedication, which are far beyond displayed by many other members of the Brotherhood. Congratulations!

Augur Xantros, 2013-10-16 07:48:59 UTC

JH Cello’s promotion to Dark Jedi Knight has been a long time coming and more than well earned. In his long history here in Scholae Palatinae he has completed the following requirements to reach DJK. He has earned a couple merit awards, placed in many competitions (a majority of the ones he has participated in actually). He participated in many competitions including a difficult Voice competition. He has organized 4 different competitions, including one finished just this last week as part of his Summit Tasks. He passed the Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership Studies courses. He has two Mavens (General History and Philosophy).

Beyond that Cello has remained and endured where many would have given up and left. He has been on the short end of the stick too many times to count but still remains. Despite hardships that include having his former master cause issues for the club, he has continued to strive toward excellence. This dedication and perseverance is something severely lacking in many members.

I know its been a long road Cello. But you’ve been a real champion along the way. Great work on hitting DJK. Drinks are on you!

Master Idris Adenn, 2013-10-16 00:33:32 UTC