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Knight Anigrel
Old Rank
Jedi Hunter (Journeyman 3)
New Rank
Dark Jedi Knight (Journeyman 4)
Requested by
Master Marick Tyris Arconae
Primary reason

The silence within the room was suffocating, a heavy presence bearing down upon the person kneeling in quiet solitude, their mind playing tricks upon them as shadows flickered around the candle lit chamber. Visions flitted through their mind, scenes of great battles fought, seeing his fellow warriors brawling and cutting their way through other Dark Jedi, bodies littering the ground. He saw a bustling street market, with traders bellowing out their wares at passers-by. That vision melded into the next one, a gigantic spaceship, drifting menacingly through the dead of space. Suddenly great blooms of light burst out from the ship, spearing the vacuum of space. As quickly as the visions came, they moved on to the next one. The man’s mind was racing, trying to interpret them all as swiftly as he could still remember them.

Another vision, more vibrant than the rest pierced his mind, a dark figure, cloaked in swirling robes that were marked with some sort of symbol that seemed both familiar and unfamiliar to the young man stood within the room. The scene seemed so real that the kneeling supplicant was unsure as to whether he was still seeing visions or not. The figure moved closer, and as he did so, it was joined by several others in the same robes.

A booming voice cut through the heavy silence, “Rise Anigrel, you have passed your trials and made your Master proud.” The first hooded figure pulled back his hood to reveal the face of Sanguinius Entar, who gestured towards the Devaronian kneeling on the floor. Anigrel pushed himself up on the floor with ease, and tilted his head slightly in acknowledgement of the words.

A quieter voice, but one laced with authority and knowledge continued. “You have been deemed worthy to join the ranks of the Shadow Clan’s Knights. You have meditated in solitude for the past three days upon the question that burns in every Arconan soul.”

The Journeyman simply stared at the hooded figure who pulled his hood down to reveal the face of the Consul, Marick Arconae.

“The question, Anigrel, have you an answer?” Marick prompted.

“Yes, Lord Consul, I do.”

“And what is your answer?”

“My answer is that all will bow before the might of the Shadow Clan, all shall fear us and all shall come to know who we are. We are Arcona and we are one.” The horned Devaronian spoke firmly and surely, secure in his knowledge that it was the right answer.

Marick nodded. “As your Master has said, you have completed your trials, you have given me the answer I was looking for and I deem you worthy to become a Knight of Arcona.”

In Marick’s hand lay the lightsaber that Anigrel had built during his time as an apprentice to Sanguinius. The Hapan spoke, “You have earned the right to carry your own saber, and to forge your own destiny. You are a now a Knight of Arcona, and hold the future of the Clan in your hands.”

With a smile that creased his face, Anigrel grasped the hilt and raised it horizontally to almost face level. A quick movement of his thumb activated the blade to produce a blue light that flooded the dim chamber.

“I won't let you down, sir,” he said with pride, his eyes full of fiery ambition.

"Arcona Invicta," Sanguinius and Marick replied in unison.


It's been a long journey for Anigrel. However, his continued dedication to reaching Knighthood has withstood the obstacles of real life constraints such as not having a computer and other factors that prevented him from being online.

As his Proconsul and now Consul, it's been a pleasure watching Ani grow from just a newbie TOR recruit to a full fledged member and regular on IRC. Congrats, Ani, and welcome to Knighthood.

Consul of Clan Arcona

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2013-10-24 18:33:22 UTC
Additional reasons

I am pleased to announce it is now time for Anigrel to be promoted to the prized rank of Dark Jedi Knight. He has obtained the requirements for the rank, proving himself to be a true bastion of activity within Clan Arcona.

Firstly, he has shown himself to be active both in running competitions, by organising the 'Stickathlon' competition, and also that he is active in taking part in competitions, taking part in no less than 16, consisting of.. { {Most Improved: Family Feud}}, [TOL - Week 1] Team Name/Logo, [TOL - Week 1] Antagonise, [TOL - Week 1] Battleplan, [BT Spectre Cell] Breakout, [BTH - Weeks 1 & 2] Run-On, Beyond the Horizon: A Cooperative Event, Andrelious' IRC trivia I, Kyrun's Trivia, Caption 1, Week 1 of Event, Caption 2, Caption 3, Week 3 of Event, Caption the Creeper and Don't worry, she'll hold together. He also earned 7 awards through placement in some of these competitions.

He has also proven consistently active, receiving a Dark Cross for his past activity - mainly for Shadow Academy activity, in which he secured the Dark Maven in Combat, as well as demonstrating a grasp of leadership by passing both Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership Studies.

Anigrel is also an active gamer, having earned 40 Clusters of Fire for his activity as part of the Old Republic guild.

Finally, he has completed 42 days at the rank of Jedi Hunter, and has recently completed his major House Summit task, which was to update the Arconan Dark Crusade leaderboard with the standings from the latest phase.

Congratulations, Knight Anigrel

Clan Arcona Rollmaster

Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj, 2013-10-24 18:31:18 UTC