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Grand Master Jac Cotelin
Sapphire Blade
Requested by
Adept Rian Taldrya
Primary reason

Without question, Grand Master Jac Cotelin is one of the most dedicated and most devoted members of Taldryan and the Brotherhood. His performance during the Dark Crusade is far over what any House Summit expects from its members, being participation wise outnumbered by only thirteen other members, while holding the highest amount of awarded Novae to a single member during the Dark Crusade.

During the initial chapters of the Dark Crusade, Jac not only was part of the driving core in Taldryan but also spent an incredible amount of time assisting Sid and myself, transcribing the Dark Crusade website into a document that any member of Taldryan was able to access through the mailing list and on the DB message boards. Even when his real life situation changed gravely, he continued to be one of Taldryan's top participants, submitting to several events, relying only on his tablet. Then during the second part of the Crusade, Jac stepped up the plate of Taldryan's Special Forces and continued to be one of the most active member of Taldryan, taking part in 92% of the available events throughout Phase II while always being willing to help out other members, proofing their work or giving useful advices.

In summary, Jac is nearly unmatched, unbeaten and outscored by any other member of the Brotherhood, his continued dedication and devotion for the members of Taldryan and the success of the House as a Unit makes him a pure example for how any member should be like.

Jac, you have put much into the success of Taldryan and for this all I can do is thank you for all this and recommend you to be rewarded this Sapphire Blade as a token of my appreciation.

Rian Aslar, Quaestor of Taldryan

Adept Rian Taldrya, 2013-12-24 01:48:01 UTC
Additional reasons

The Sapphire Blade is awarded to a member who has shown consistent and long-term service to their Unit or Brotherhood position. Such services however cannot be seen until taken on a whole, each individual part seen as one. The Sapphire Blade can also be rewarded for extraordinary amounts of activity in a large-scale competition such as the Great Jedi War, where the very best are rewarded for their efforts.

When it comes down to it, there is very little that you can say about Jac Cotelin that has not been said before. I’m no longer even convinced that he’s a man at all, but maybe some weird cyborg who George Lucas’ descendants sent back in time in order to just be the most awesome collection of atoms that exists in the realms of Star Wars fanclubs.

Jac is quite simply the best, and most skilled member that the Dark Brotherhood has ever known.

During the Dark Crusades, Jac’s work speaks for itself. In the earliest rounds, Jac was a machine, helping Taldryan through activity, advice, and sheer bad assery. When the Special Forces rounds came to town, Jac was a constant presence on Taldryan’s A-Team, participating as a captain in every round.

He participated in 29 of 31 available events, including a perfect participation ratio in the final round. But in order to recognize the scope of Jac’s efforts, you need to recognize just how far above the rest of the Dark Brotherhood he really was. Jac’s activity landed him in the 95th percentile of all Brotherhood members, participating in more events than all but 13 other members in the Dark Brotherhood. On top of that, when it comes to the sheer level of his skill, Jac placed in a staggering 72% of the events he entered, and in doing so holds the solitary honour of having out-performed every single member in the Dark Brotherhood, bar none.

The Sapphire Blade is awarded for many smaller contributions over the long term, or for extraordinary amounts of activity during a Vendetta. Jac qualifies for both. In recognition of his titanic performance in the Dark Crusades, I heartily recommend that Grand Master Jac Cotelin be awarded a Sapphire Blade.

Dark Jedi Master Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, Aedile and Loyal Son of Taldryan.

Prophet Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, 2013-12-24 01:47:54 UTC