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Master Raken
Old Rank
Adept (Elder 1)
New Rank
Master (Elder 2)
Requested by
Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
Primary reason

Raken joined the Dark Brotherhood eight years ago and immediately established his presence as a thoughtful, mature, and creative member. His insights and refusal to be drawn into the internecine politics of our club led to his meteoric rise through the ranks. In under three years, Raken earned the rank of Dark Adept and served as a key collaborator in nearly every major Dark Brotherhood project. He redefined the position of Praetor to the Grand Master and served as a defacto member of the Dark Council (to the great betterment of our club).

Since Raken's last promotion he has collected a accomplishments that have set him apart from the majority of Elders within the Dark Brotherhood. He created the Dark Brotherhood's first modern independent house and led them to a shocking Vendetta victory, he finished third overall in the Tenth Great Jedi War, he finished second in the Horizons Vendetta, and he excelled in gaming and writing competitions.

Raken's return to the Dark Council in 2013 highlighted a transition to one of the most stable Dark Councils in the history of our club. Raken's steadfast dedication and excellent advice assured the selection of new leaders who not only executed their assigned tasks, but did so in a manner that was significantly benefited our club. Additionally, Raken has reviewed/edited/contributed/and created nearly every project the Dark Brotherhood is currently working on. Although his actions are not always apparent to the club, his dedication and considerable efforts have been colossus in nature.

I was an exceptionally lucky as a Grand Master because I had a cadre of advisers and friends to help me guide the direction of our club. Throughout the past eight years, Raken and I have been constant collaborators through thick and thin. I'm honored to count him among my closest friends in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and even more honored to recommend his long overdue promotion to Dark Jedi Master. Congratulations! ~ Darth Pravus, Sith Lord

Raken has served as Deputy Grand Master of the Brotherhood for the last 16 months. There are many obvious contributions he has made while in this position, ranging from regular reports with details on upcoming projects to providing timely reporting of the results during the Dark Crusade. However, there are even more behind the scenes contributions that Raken has made, many of which most individuals are completely unaware of.

Raken led the charge at the completion of each Dark Crusade round, consistently pushing the Dark Council as a team to complete the grading of events in record setting times. If anyone needed assistance during the grading phase he was one of the first to offer his assistance. Through the many projects our Club has implemented in the last year Raken has provided solid feedback allowing the individuals leading the projects to operate with freedom, and at times when a project may become derailed or run into scope creep he has offered advice and suggestions to bring it back in line with the original intent.

The Club has experienced significant change, I believe for the better, since Raken has taken up his post as Muz's Shadow Hand. Let's not forget that this was also a time period which could have gone very differently. In the last 16 months nearly the entire Dark Council has changed out to new individuals. Without steady hands sailing the ship there was plenty of opportunity for error.

Thank you for your contributions and guidance Raken! Your work has made our small part of the Internet a better place, and has certainly made my time so far as Fist more enjoyable. Congratulations! ~Valhavoc, Fist of the Brotherhood

I met Raken when I was QUA of House Qel-Droma, where he landed in Arcona and became a monster powerhouse of activity. It's no lie that that man made me look good! It was also weird leading him and Sarin as a low Equite but they made it pretty damn easy. Completely self-sufficient, I barely had to try to get him involved in not only Clan events but DB as well, everything from his top-class participation in Trials of Loyalty, to the 5th CHL to Horizons - of which he won 2nd place. Then he was called to the DC and suddenly the House had a massive void in it, because that is how valuable he was.

Since I became Tribune under his guidance, Raken has been a great source of both knowledge and reason for me and undoubtedly countless others. He speaks his mind clearly without confrontation and is supportive when needed. He listens to well thought-out as well as crazy-assed ideas, and is able to say exactly what he thinks of it but with a maturity born of years of experience. That is a blessing because I know I'm not the only one with those crazy ideas and the smack of reality of what is productive, efficient, and worthy of our valuable time is necessary. Raken has been great to work with, great to conspire with, and I hope to see him around for many, many more choke jokes. ;) ~Socorra, Tribune

And then there's my right hand. Since taking up the mantle of Deputy, he's been a driving force on the DC, helping push forward projects that otherwise would have stalled out due to indecision. He's focused teams on what was important, and made clear those things that aren't worth our time. He's been instrumental in the grand undertaking of the Dark Crusade.

I could talk for hours about the projects he's done, contributed to, or the ideas that he had, fostered into projects, and unleashed on the Brotherhood to improve the way we do business as a club. That on it's own face is enlugh to warrant the promotion to Dark Jedi Master he is to get today. But further, he's done most of this in the dark, quietly working behind the scenes, away from the limelight, away from the bluster and the ego that comes all too often with that sort of work. He's not doing it for the pixels on his dossier. He's not doing it for recognition. He's doing it because it's what is needed, it's what the club needs. It may not be what the club thinks it needs, but he knows that it still needs doing.

It's a purer perspective than many of us get to have, and it's been incredibly useful to the brotherhood. He's been my conscience, my rage, my nemesis, my apprentice, my master, my brother, my friend. I could not have done this last year without you. Thank you. ~Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2014-02-19 22:08:47 UTC