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Warlord Bentre Sadow
Steel Cross
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Adept Atra Ventus
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Hitting the ground running doesn't begin to describe the mindset that Bentre Stahoes brings to the table. He exemplifies each and every principle that I could ever ask for in a member, and the best part is that I never had to. He is utterly self-motivated in his thirst to advance in not only the Clan, but the Brotherhood itself. That drive can be seen in everything that he has done, and continues to do, in service to not only the Clan, but himself.

The Shadow Academy can still count Bentre amongst its adherents, as he earned himself a commendable twenty-three passed Courses, with three completed Mavens in the process. Not content to stop there, Stahoes continues to make his mark outside the Clan as well as within it with his thirst for competition. Since his last recognition, Bentre has participated in fifty-five competitions and organized two of his own. That is an impressive amount, and one that could only be attained through a drive that is hard to come by. His efforts have seen him claim two Amethyst Crescents, three Emerald Crescents, five Ruby Crescents, and an jaw dropping twelve Sapphire Crescents. That paints the picture more than any words could, making it plain as day the amount of effort he puts into every action he takes.

As a result of his competitive spirit, Bentre has managed to rack up a none-too-shabby stock of two-hundred sixty Clusters of Fire, paired up with fifty-eight Clusters of Earth, and trailed by a chaser of thirty-one Clusters of Ice with a side of six Pendants of Blood. Not content to merely compete, Bentre also dove into the wiki itself, an act that many steer clear of, with such gusto that he was recognized by Selika Roh di Plagia as Wikipedian of the Month for August 2015, marking him with a Dark Side Scroll.

At the time of writing, Bentre has served as the leader of the Devil's Shroud battleteam for roughly two months. For those two months I don't think there has been a single day where he has not contacted me with some question or request pertaining to his team. He recognized instantly that there was an opportunity for growth and dove into that mess head first. He never acts without making sure the path he is to take has been thoroughly investigated, and okayed by the House leadership. He leads from the front, only looking back in order to help raise others along the same path he treads without belittling them for falling short of the standards he sets for himself, lofty as they are.

His drive, his passion, and the fruits of his labour have earned Bentre Stahoes his recognition, and this award.

Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan

Adept Atra Ventus, 2015-09-19 15:30:31 UTC
Additional reasons

Bentre is one of those members that doesn’t come along very often, his activity since joining the Club has been incredible, he has been eager to better himself having taken 23 Shadow Academy Courses earning himself 3 Degrees. His activity hasn’t just been limited to this as he is one of the most active gamers in the House earning 260 Clusters of Fire and 6 Pendants of Blood. Bentre’s talents are not solely limited to gaming as he has been awarded 31 Clusters of Ice through various ACC Matches and has been a awarded a Dark Side Scroll for having his wiki page featured as the page of the month for August 2015. Eager to keep himself busy Bentre has taken part in 55 competitions and has earned himself an impressive 22 crescents. Not happy with just taking part in competition he has also organised 2 of his own.

Bentre had been service as Battle Team Leader of Devil’s Shroud for 2 months now frequently keeping in contact with all of the members of his Battle Team as well as keeping his House Summit updated with all of the activity of the team. He has also been working updating and rewriting the Battle Teams wiki page. You have earned the Medal Bentre, keep up the good work and congratulations.

Aedile of House Shar Dakhan

Savant Inarya Tiberius Entar, 2015-09-19 15:30:24 UTC