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Lieutenant Colonel Nikola Valtiere Erinos
Seal of Loyalty
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Grand Master Darth Pravus
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The Day of the Fox celebrates the ascension of Grand Master Firefox to the Iron Throne by recognizing the dedication and loyalty of our membership. This tradition has historically honored a select few of our members by awarding them the Seal of Loyalty. This Day of the Fox, like many other Dark Brotherhood traditions, will be altered slightly this year.

It is with extreme gratitude that I take the extraordinary step of awarding all Clanned and Positioned members of our Club with the Seal of Loyalty. I am extremely grateful for all of your support and continued effort to make this club a great place. I look forward to experiencing this exciting year of Star Wars history with each and every one of you.

Grand Master Pravus

Grand Master Darth Pravus, 2015-11-06 23:06:40 UTC