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Qyreia Arronen
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Morax Darkblade
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If Qyreia Arronen isn’t an example of a motivated member then I don’t know what is. Qyreia has blown everyone away, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with and an invaluable member to Naga Sadow.

Let’s start off with his amazing effort in the December Episode VII competitions. Placing first in the overall competition. The versatility Qyreia has shown here only creates an image of pure awesomeness as he lets everyone know what a multi-talented guy he is.

Since his last recognition on December 26th, 2015, Qyreia has participated in twenty-two competitions and placed in fourteen of them. This has earned him five Diamond Crescents, two Ruby Crescents, four Amethyst Crescents, one Sapphire Crescent and two Emerald Crescents. He even found the time to organize a poetry competition for the Clan, which had seven submissions.

Furthermore, he has been sighted on the gaming fields. In five PvP matches and five PvE matches he has earned himself two-hundred and fifty-one Clusters of Fire and thirty-three Clusters of Ice. Rounding off his gaming superiority with one Pendant of Blood.

Taking a break from stomping other people in games, he has visited the Shadow Academy and completed four courses and earning himself one degree whilst also participating in seven fiction activities writing a staggering total of thirteen-thousand four-hundred and nine (13409) words. Qyreia has also participated in Clan Run-Ons, posting three times for a total of one-thousand eight-hundred and five words (1805).

This all during his time as Battleteam Sergeant for Devil’s Shroud for the duration of one month, and stepping up as an impressive Battleteam Leader for another month posting his first report as BTL in January, 2016. In this report Qyreia made an excellent impression not only to the rest of the Summit, but also for his members. I look forward to his further endeavors and plans he has for Devil's Shroud.

I hope you continue to impress us in this way and encouraging your fellow peers to increased forms of activity as a Battleteam Leader! Well done Q.

Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan

Morax Darkblade, 2016-02-26 12:06:03 UTC
Additional reasons

What is there to say about Qyreia's activity that hasn't already been said? There are few members I can look to who (at such a relatively young rank) have made their way to the front page of the DJB and been recognized by the Grand Master for their exemplary achievements.

Since presiding over Q's launch through the ranks he has always been my go-to member when I look at activity. It would be unfair to attempt to use Q's results as a measuring stick for others, as the bar has been set by Qyreia to such a level that it becomes downright ridiculous. Having placed in the top three for five of the Episode VII competitions, with three first place finishes, Q managed to attain first overall and all the recognition (and infamy) that goes with it. Beyond that, this Professional continues to place in event after event within Clan Naga Sadow itself, and the Brotherhood at large, having earned fourteen Crescents out of a potential twenty-two competitions.

The sheer level of activity, Telegram presence, and results speak for themselves and I am honoured to recommend Qyreia for the merit to recognize those accomplishments.

Quaestor Emeritus of Shar Dakhan

Darth Renatus, 2016-02-26 11:42:08 UTC