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Lord Idris Adenn
Dark Cross
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Darth Nehalem
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I would like to award Xen with a Dark Cross, for his efforts and initiative to create a Blank Timeline template that lays the real life year, Star Wars ABY year and DB plot events on a timeline side by side, allowing anyone to input their own character's timeline easily to work out the details to be shared with the entire Brotherhood as a gdoc for copying and personal use.

Often we take initiative and do things with hopes to achieve something for ourselves. Sometimes, those things are done without a thought of recognition and no plans to share with others. In this case, I caught up with the effort on my own and asked Xen if I could share it as a tool with everyone else and he agreed. Thank you, Xen.

Darth Nehalem, 2016-04-04 17:06:15 UTC