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Qyreia Arronen
Steel Cross
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Morax Darkblade
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Qyreia makes me do much work. Every time I go to check member activity, Qyreia tends to have done what all my other members have done combined. It should come as no surprise that Q has definitly earned this medal for his outstanding efforts and hard work in the past months since his last recognition. I dread the day he actually does leave us to complete his ranger training. Those months will be a dark hole in my heart. Q-man, keep your head high and continue to smash skulls and the keyboard with your outstanding fiction entries!

Morax Darkblade, 2016-10-21 20:36:07 UTC
Additional reasons

Q-ball is a phenom. Since his last recognition a little over two months ago, Qyreia has participated in thirteen competitions netting two Crescent with Diamond Stars, two Crescents with Ruby Stars and two Crescents with Amethyst Stars with an amazing nearly fifty-percent success rate! In addition, Qyreia brought in twenty-one Clusters of Fire and three Clusters of Graphite and won an ACC match. What is simply astonishing to me is this: Qyreia brought in seventy-eight Clusters of Ice within five Fiction activities by writing an incredible thirty-three-thousand-four-hundred-and-three words! Does he ever stop writing?

Not just looking out for himself, Qyreia also organized one competition and is a regular, positive presence in the Telegram rooms. His map of Myrmidon, which won him a competition, is now proudly displayed on the Wiki.

Thank you, Qyreia, for being an exemplary member. Your efforts do not go unnoticed by your summits, nor your peers.

For his top-tier level of activity, I wholeheartedly recommend Qyreia be awarded a Steel Cross. Congratulations, Q!

Aul Celsus, 2016-10-21 15:56:18 UTC