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Headmistress Alethia Archenksova
Anteian Cross
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142 XP
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Darth Nehalem
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Alethia started to support possessions during closed beta, as part of a team that was evaluating the armor and back item categories. It was the first exposure to the concept of a set of armor, along with a back slotted item, as the future for what members will experience when later deciding what to equip their character with. This team gave some of the best feedback among those that started regarding decisions with a lot of feedback and suggestions that never went anywhere, but provided a great point of view to understand if things were pointed in the right direction. The influence it did have on selection and availability is seen in what members can purchase today in these two categories. For the support on this team I recommend for Alethia an Anteian Cross. Thanks for your time and support of possessions!

Darth Nehalem, 2016-12-09 23:19:45 UTC