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Vanguard Korroth
Grand Cross
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Master Thane "Atra" Skotos
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It is not without more than a touch of gratitude that I am writing this recommendation for one of my Judges in the Antei Combat Center: Korroth of Clan Odan-Urr.

There are some things that I deem as necessary evils when it comes to the work that tends to go along with any leadership role within the Brotherhood. The chiefest amongst these would have to be wiki work. So it was that Korroth took it upon himself not only to identify an opportunity for improvements to the Antei Combat Center wiki page, but to provide a full proposal on how to go about it.

This proposal included timelines and recommendations that made it all too easy to grant approval for the project. As a result, Korroth set to work on what would become a months' long project and a solo undertaking. Korroth worked tirelessly to create a full fictional history for the Antei Combat Center. This project began in late October 2016 and was not completed until the first weekend of January 2017.

Korroth provided steady updates throughout this period, corroborating details with those involved in order to ensure the accuracy of the work. In the process, he got the page completely up to date while writing the wiki content and formatting as well. Further to this, Korroth compiled and updated the Antei Combat Center landing page with a list of all past victors for the events of our office.

This wiki work is live on the site already, with the History of the Antei Combat Center clocking in at 4691 words of writing. I cannot thank Korroth enough for the effort he has taken in this undertaking, as I generally don't like asking for members to do what I would not be willing to do myself. What's best about this project is that I didn't have to ask.

All this occurred while he still operated under the role of Judge within the Center. Since his last recognition, Korroth has completed a total of 4 battle judgements and graded 2 qualification exams. This is not an insignificant amount. Each judgement can take upwards of 3 hours of continuous attention, which doesn't include juggling real life obligations and that of his free time.

For this project — the time spent and work performed — and his unrecognized efforts within my staff, I am proud to recommend Korroth for a Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Thank you for your work in helping the Antei Combat Center become a better and more integrated portion of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Combat Master of the Brotherhood

Master Thane "Atra" Skotos, 2017-01-12 22:52:02 UTC